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    6 Free Tools To Help Increase Website Traffic

    Everyone who has a website wants their site to be known and what better way to do it than to increase website traffic. Website traffic is the number of visitors flocking to your site every day. Getting the traffic that you desire is time consuming and can be costly at time.

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a popular tool to help increase web traffic but also very expensive to have since you will be paying for the services of an SEO professional. Using SEO can be a bit hard at times especially if you don’t have website revenue yet. Don’t worry because here I have the 6 free tools to help increase website traffic even without relying in SEO.

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    1. Meta Tags. Search engines will need to describe your page in order to categorize your website to what users will look for. Using meta tags in your HTML code will be helpful in getting your site be included in the top results of search engines. Adding meta tags is easy, just add a few lines of code to your HTML and save it.
    2. Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare are some of the popular social media platforms in which people collaborate. Getting a social media account for your website and using it to collaborate with people helps generate potential traffic from roughly a hundred million social media users.
    3. FriendFeed. Get subscribers from your website in a fast and effortless manner using FriendFeed. FriendFeed is a powerful tool that will not only circulate your content to your subscribers but also post it to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It has the ability to network like-minded website owners who can subscribe to your website feeds.
    4. Blogging. Google and other search engine sites are interested in fresh and relevant content. If you are not allowed to touch your main website for that, a blog will definitely attract search engines. Google, for example, sees fresh content to your blog every day will be more than willing to increase your website rank thus increasing your site’s visibility. The best web hosting companies provide many blog tools for your web site.
    5. Article Marketing. Another way to get top exposure to your website is to generate informative articles and then submit it to article submission sites. This is a great way to gain credibility in your business.
    6. TubeMogul. Websites that uses video blogs often will benefit from this free tool. What it does is that it circulates your video to more than one site; therefore, making your site more popular. Majority of internet surfers prefers viewing videos than reading long articles, so TubeMogul will be beneficial for video marketing.
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    These free tools, although free, provides a big difference to your website in generating massive website traffic.


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