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    6 Best Strategies To Be A Forerunner In Mobile eCommerce

    Responsive layout is the new trend of web. To be successful in web eCommerce you need to conquer mobile ecommerce too. While a successful normal web layout is good enough,  there is nothing to lose by having a mobile version of your site. Herewith we bring you 6 best strategies to be a forerunner in mobile eCommerce.

    1. High technical standards

    The first requisite I would say. Extend your research about Mobile Commerce Application developers as long as you can before you settle to hand it over to one. Few are good, some are bad, many are cheats. One of the best Mobile Commerce Application developers that I came across recently in the top forum spaces was: MobeCommerce, car2mobile and mobify. Check it out. And there are more good choices like this.

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    2. Close and unconventional methods for observation of consumer behavior

    You could carry out your own survey targeting at specific information that you want by employing a totally sharp survey method. But before you step out make sure that type of survey isn’t already done and available on the Internet. Then you could use it, without wasting time doing it yourself. A survey found out that 19% of U.S consumers owned a tablet computer, which has shot up from the 10% before the December of 2011. In the current retail arena, 55% of the mobile retailers say they optimize their marketing or promotional emails suiting the mobile device. Look at these statistics from credible resources. They make one thing obvious: Mobile shopping is going to revolutionize the entire industry.

    3. Increasing the benefits of an app month by month

    One common behavior that I found recently among the Mobile users is that once in 3 days or a week they open their apps list and check if all the Mobile apps they have installed have been useful for them. If they find one black sheep in the crowd which is sleeping, he sends it to the sausage machine, i.e. uninstall it, and boom! Make sure you keep your Mobile eCommerce App as active as possible by adding useful features or add ons that might be really be useful to the customer. You could also employ other innovative value adds in your Mobile Commerce Application such as giving general useful information related to the subject your product/service belongs to. For example yours is a fine wine shop Mobile eCommerce App then it could give tips on how to choose the best wine for a friend as a gift.

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    4. Building the unique brand voice

    Stop sounding like the same old TV commercial. They are already bored of ornamental language. Be straight and hit the point when you are promoting your product or Mobile eCommerce App itself. But still insert stuff that would bring interest in them. Eg. Google – their promo text are always straight to the point. That gives Google a different brand character or image.

    5. Do not make your goals clear to your competitors, confuse them

    By taking a particular step, it shouldn’t be clear to your competitor why you are doing it. Either your meaning should not appear clear to him or it should appear as a different image to him.

    6. Work towards literal sales development and not just brand building

    Though the Mobile eCommerce App helps a lot in reinventing your brand image with a boost, it isn’t the prime need of it of course. Employ clever ways of making the customer understand the actual quality of your product through the Mobile Commerce Application and give him more reasons to purchase it within your predicted time.


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