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    7 Incredible Ways To Advertise Your Brand on Instagram

    Instagram is growing as a potential platform for marketers to grow their business in an effective way. With an active audience of about 1.16 billion people, Instagram provides a huge reach for your brands and business. Undoubtedly, Instagram proves as the right place for marketing.

    As on average, 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business page and more than 36% of B2B marketers use Instagram to search for new products and services. Increase your followers by promoting your brand in the right way.

    Here are the seven best methods to advertise on Instagram to make your brand popular among your targeted audiences.

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    1. Set Marketing Objective

    Before advertising your product on Instagram, choose your objective to run an Ad. Take a look at other Instagram ads and use that strategy to link your goal. Run Instagram ads having any of the following goals,

    • Brand awareness – Show your ads to the potential people who show interest in your brand.
    • Reach – Tracks the performance of your ad, showing the number of users who have seen your ad.
    • Traffic – Intending the user to increase visits for your website by providing URLs in ads.
    • Engagement – If you need more likes and shares, choose Post Engagement in ads to achieve.
    • Lead Generation and Conversion – Convert your audience to customers by providing a CTA option and contact details in your ad.

    2. Target Your Audience

    After setting an objective, you need to target a specific audience to whom your ad should appear. There are some below targeting options on Instagram,

    • Location– If you want to target a specific country, state, or city, location targeting helps you to achieve. 
    • Age – Allow you to target the age range from 13 to 65+.
    • Gender – If you want to target specific gender or all, use this option.
    • Demographics – Target your detailed audience by using this option. Choose the Interest and Behaviour option to show your ad to the audiences related to your business.
    • Lookalike audience – This allows Instagram to show your ad to other audiences having the same characteristics of your current audience.

    3. Select Your Placements

    The placement selection of your ad is very important after having the ideal demographic. If it is not selected, Facebook will allow your ad to show on both platforms. This will create a negative impact for your audience if you have created your ad specifically for Instagram.

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    To avoid this, choose the “Edit Placements” option from Placements and select the specific platform (either in feed or in stories or both) where your Instagram ad will appear.

    4.  Promote Using IGTV Videos

    The best way to advertise your product is by sharing IGTV videos. IGTV (Instagram TV) provides a preview of your video for the first 15 seconds. Create a video with engaging ideas along with a product introduction in the preview to gain more likes for your IGTV videos. If likes for your video increases,  your content will be viewed by friends of friends and improves your brand popularity.

    Also, you can share IGTV videos on Facebook by choosing the “Share to Facebook” option to capture your Facebook audience. After uploading videos, you can also track your content performance.

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    5. Create Instagram Ads

    Promote your business to various audiences by creating Instagram Ads. Depending on your objective, your campaign starts to perform targeting a specific audience. Create your Instagram Ad by using any of the following formats,

    • Stories Ads – A full-screen ad that appears on your follower’s stories, looking like normal stories providing CTA in swipe-up feature.
    • Photo Ads – Allow you to showcase your products on followers feed in image format looking like a normal post.
    • Video Ads – Displays your ad in video format for 1 minute, where your followers can notice your brand in detail.
    • Carousel Ads – Lets your users swipe multiple images with the CTA option to land on your website directly.
    • Explore Ads – Explore is a place to find new accounts and content. Use your regular image or video, choosing Explore as an extra placement.

    6.  Use Instagram Stories

    More than 500 million people use Instagram Stories daily by sharing their thoughts and important moments. From this, one-third of the stories are viewed from businesses.  IG stories create a good marketing strategy for business people. 

    The stories last for about 24 hours on your follower’s page, appearing at the top of their homepage. Your profile image with a circle appears on your follower’s page if you are updating a story.  Provide valuable information in an attractive way with your link in the swipe-up option.

    Instagram stories gave an additional feature of using various stickers such us,

    • Quiz sticker – A great way to create interactive discussions among your followers.
    • Countdown sticker – Use this sticker to create excitement among your audience before a product launch.
    • Question sticker – Ask your follower’s thoughts and ideas about your brand or business.
    • Poll sticker – Makes an easy way for voting and can use this sticker to ask their feedback.

    7. Choose Relevant Hashtags

    Hashtags are a key tool to improve your product visibility among your followers and improve engagement. Using hashtags helps Instagram users to discover new products. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags for a post. But using up to nine hashtags will increase responses from audiences than stuffing many hashtags.

    Choose hashtags from the search bar by typing the word starting with “#” symbol. You will get a result of the number of people using a particular hashtag. With this method, use the relevant hashtag with a higher number of people to improve your visibility.


    From the above ideas, promote your business on Instagram in an effective way to reach out to more audiences. The various advertising strategies on Instagram help you to engage your audience with your products and lead to the massive growth for your business.

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