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    A Day in WooThemes Headquarters (WooHQ) – How it Happened?

    Woothemes, well known for its huge collections of best free and premium themes for various blogging platforms. Woothemes was started by 3 passionate web designers from three different countries planned to make themes that stands out of crowd. Woothemes is the largest premium theme network which has about 1000’s of themes for various platforms.

    They say “See why our 125 themes have been downloaded over 6,446,346 times and why 147635 people prefer us as their theme provider” in their official site. Now the company is making over $2 million per year by selling wordpress themes, official news says.

    They also offer club membership option where you can buy theme for $70 (standard club) and $150 (Developer Club) with 2-3 free themes of our choice.  The Price is comparatively low with other premium theme providers on web. A few months back they released an ecommerce plugin named woocommerce for wordpress blogs which has many premium features for free of cost. All these things collectively make them on top of the order competing other theme providers in the business.

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    Recently, they shifted to a new office in Cape Town, South Africa where 7 of them work from. WooHQ (Woothemes headquarters) is designed at its best like their themes, each and everything inside the office looks very neat and clean, to say in simple works the new office is like a minimalistic theme.

    [vimeo 35954870 615 360]

    This is an epic cinematic style video is all about one day activities of staffs at WooHQ. This video is taken by Andrew Schar, a multi talented guy and a close friend of Mark Forrester (Co-founder of Woothemes). Andrew’s hard work and his effort to make this video looks awesome and make them look good clearly reflects in this video. Generally, these kinds of videos come as short film like a person narrates his day-to-day activities but this video is little bit different from others like their theme.

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    How the Video was Made – Few words from Andrew Schar

    This video was taken from Canon 60D with the Technicolor Cine style Profile installed. Instead of normal ratio 16:9 this video was taken in 2.4:1 ratio, which is equal to watch a movie at the cinema. While he uploaded it to vimeo, it didn’t give any option to watch this video in HD, if he uploaded the video as it is then people live in high-speed broadband countries like USA, UK etc, can’t watch it in HD.

    So, he created a new sequence at 1920 *816 and decided to lose 2.4:1 ratio and go with slightly wider height by using 2.35:1 ratio. Now he selected all the older clips in previous sequence, copy pasted them into 1920 * 816 sequences and manually resized all clips to fit with the new dimensions without losing image quality. Finally, after making some tweaks in the video it has been uploaded to vimeo, now users can watch this video in Full HD quality.

    Their next plan is to make a document video all of their 17 team members spanning the world.

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