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    Activate New Attractive Twitter Profile Header Image

    Twitter has bring a new feature in town. Just like Facebook implementing header and background image, twitter has one too. Who knows by doing this may increase the number of your followers. Let see how we can activate the new attractive twitter profile header image.

    Since Facebook and Google has been implementing background image as the x-factor of attracting friends and likes, twitter has giving this option to all its followers too.

    Activate Twitter Profile Header Image

    Recently WPTidBits has activated this feature and look at us @wptbits! You can follow us if you like this page. 🙂

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    How to Activate Twitter Profile Header Image

    There is no trick in this. Just simply login to your twitter account, go to Settings > Design > Customize your own or this URL : .

    In the page you may see something as below:

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    At the Header option, you can change the header with your own design or any high resolution image.The recommended image dimensions are 1200px by 600px and maximum file size is 5MB. Seems enough to put an attractive one.

    You can choose to use the premade themes, select you own background image (whether tiles or no repeat) or you may customize the Background color, Link color and the Overlay.

    Click “Save changes” in order for it to take effect and see the new twitter profile header image live! Try it now and share with us yours.


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