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    Real Readers Hate Amazon’s Kindle!

    Kindle is Amazon’s eBook reader. The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-book readers now in its fourth generation. Amazon Kindle eReaders enable users to shop for, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other digital media via wireless networking. Following is an article that collects reasons why people dislike (or like) this little gadget.


    Reading is one of the most beautiful skills that God has blessed humankind with. Animals don’t read, nor do the trees. But we do. Reading out of a book is sheer joy. It’s not like any of the electronic gadgets, where you have to rely on battery or electricity for entertainment.

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    You can stop whenever you want and start again later, without worrying that the episode will get over, r your battery will drain out. It is simple and real. Unlike all the “virtual” nonsense that the world is being enveloped in. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not anti-technology kind of person at all! In fact, I love the various gadgets and gizmos and all that we can accomplish with the technology.

    What I hate is the fact that people have started thinking that they can replace the basic things of joy with mere “Virtuality” all the time. Real Readers will always hate the Kindle, e-books and any kind of a digital substitution of good old books.

    Oh! The pleasures of smelling a book. Can that ever be replaced? But new age kids will never even know that feeling of cuddling up on a cold day, with an old book and smelling its pages and the warm touch of real paper.

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    Top Reasons Why Readers must hate Kindle:

    • Kindle takes away from you the opportunity to massacre thousand upon thousand trees to publish a single book. (Such a shame! Don’t we love hacking the trees?)
    • Kindle allows you to travel without any mess, leaving you devoid of the opportunity to haul a dozen books every time you travel! ( I always stay in shape by weightlifting the books from one place to another during travel bouts, Kindle will just me fat).
    • It weighs only 250 grams and is really sleek. This means it will fit in your bags and purses, robbing the chance for you to flaunt it by having to carry it awkwardly around. (Such a waste of money-spends on it and don’t flaunt it. HUH!).
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    Kindle 3 Initial Pics

    You won’t be able to wake your partner by noisily hustling the pages of the book while he is asleep. Kindle allows you to read pages after pages of books with a swipe of a finger. Since the touch interface is so advanced, it is absolutely noiseless. (Out goes the chance to disturb the people you love).

    Kindle will never let you spoil your eyes and get a nice new pair of spectacles for that ‘nerdy-but-awesome’ look. It has these light adjustments and eye comfort customization options with which you can read comfortably without harming your eyes. (I tried it even with the lights out. No luck. Still no glasses for me.)

    It mercilessly ruins your excuse for sitting in front of the television while charging it using the socket near the TV, because its battery backup can go up to 30 days without charging with Wi-Fi turned off, and 10 days with the Wi-Fi turned on. (And yes, people know about it).

    You are doomed to study on Holidays. Kindle offers all sorts of educational books, so if you were planning to do that “oops! I forgot one book” kind of an excuse during holidays, say goodbye to that chance. Kindle can instantly download and store any book of your (UN) liking.


    If I have come across as mind numbingly stupid or irritating because of all that I have just stated above, please note that I speak on behalf of the millions who haven’t already bought this amazing little device. I have always wondered what is it that could possibly stop them from picking up this great gadget meant to solve all their problems. After much thought, these were the only reasons I figured they had.

    Anyone who has the remotest of interest in reading should definitely pick this cool new device, unless you belong to the huge group who still thinks in the above mentioned fashion. Happy reading! Happy Kindling!

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