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    Best Mobile Apps for University Students

    Cellphone, iPads and tablets are part of the everyday life of university students. They use them for academic work, social networking or just to play games. But do they have everything they need for university on their mobile device is the main concern. The best part about the mobile apps is that they are all free.


    1.Readdle Documents( available for iPhone and iPad):

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    Readdle Documents is a great app if you are planning on keeping a lot of documents on your devices. With Readdle Documents, you can view office files, PDFs, and almost all other types of files, while being able to annotate and edit different texts or create new text files.

    Readdle also makes it easy to manage your files, since it is compatible with almost all cloud services, including Dropbox and iCloud. You are able to organize your files into folders, and get files from USB transfers, through Wi-Fi, open e-mail attachments, etc.

    The last thing that makes Readdle great, is that you can use it as a media player as well! You are able to watch videos, browse through pictures, and listen to music; it is all in the same place as your documents.

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    2. Evernote (available for iPhone/iPod/iPad/Mac/Windows):

    Evernote is probably the most useful note-taking app for university students. With Evernote, you can create different notebooks for all your different classes/projects, and within those notebooks, you can keep multiple note files; everything is organized. You can sync Evernote to all your devices, and on those days where you are hurrying to get out the door and you forget your laptop at home, you have all your notes on your cell phone!

    The great thing about Evernote is its diversity. Not only is it great for taking notes, but you can save almost anything onto it – from pictures to webpages, whatever you would like to save will be found in Evernote. You can share documents with other people through Evernote, and it is also a great app for working with groups. You can even plan your next trip with Evernote!

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    3. Paper by FiftyThree (available for iPad):

    If you are a visual learner then this is the app for you! Paper by FiftyThree is a great app for people in Visual Art/Design programs, or if you just like to draw your notes out or doodle! You can create sketches, pictures, diagrams – whatever you need – and share it with other people. This is a very handy app to have on hand, especially when you suddenly get hit with inspiration and don’t have a notebook to draw your ideas out on!


    4. StudyBlue (available on iOS/Android/Web):

    If you are a person who likes studying by creating flashcards and practice questions, then you are going to love StudyBlue! Not only can you create and customize flash cards for your studying, but you can also browse through the huge database of notes that StudyBlue offers. You can use StudyBlue for review questions, do quizzes, and even track how you are doing with a real-time assessment score! You can even organize your notes, schedule, flashcards and quizzes in your digital “backpack”, and if you have EverNote, you can sync them together and share your study materials with other people.


    5. EasyBib (available for iPhone/iPad/iTouch/Android):

    Have you ever had trouble citing sources for an essay in MLA/APA citation? With EasyBib, all your citation troubles will be gone! To create a citation, all you need to do is either scan the barcode of the book, or just enter the title of the book into EasyBib, and BAM – your citation is ready. The great thing about EasyBib – other than being super easy to use – is that it saves all of your previous citations, so if you ever use the same book again, you just need to scroll down your list of citations!

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