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    A Thing To Remember; The Cell Phone Tracker StealthGenie

    Does it ever occur to you that why would anyone want to track someone. Well, of course if you are shooting a James Bond movie then that sounds fine but what would be a legitimate purpose for you to keep track of someone apart from that. A pretty sound and correct reason to keep track of someone is to monitor the activities of your kids during their teenage to make sure that they stay away from trouble. Your child’s safety should be your first priority and you would be able to ensure this if you monitor their activities using cell phone tracker apps such as StealthGenie.

    The Best Tool:

    StealthGenie Cell phone tracker is the best tool that will make sure that you get updated with all the activities of your children at regular intervals. This app is really small in size and its discreet nature makes sure that your children never ever get an idea that they are being monitored. With the remote monitoring ability of this app, you get to keep an eye on your kids whenever you want to and from wherever you want to.

    Phone Calls Records:

    Access all the incoming and outgoing phone call records of your kids using the help of this tracker StealthGenie. You will be disclosed the exact location, date and time of each call as well. Another option that parents have is that they may even record any phone call of their kids if they feel the need to.

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    The Geo Family:

    With the ‘Geo Tracking’ feature of this app, parents get to trace the exact location of their children. You may even view the exact route that your child has taken to reach their destination. This feature runs with the support of the GPS navigator inside your child’s smartphone. Going one step ahead, ‘Geo-Fencing’ is a StealthGenie exclusive feature that helps users mark zones on a map as ‘safe’ or ‘restricted’. Once your child leaves a safe zone, you will be instantly alerted about it. Similarly once your kid enters a restricted area, you will be instantly alerted about that as well.

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    Feeling Safe:

    Cell phone tracker apps such as StealthGenie are the only support that could help you keep an eye on your kids effectively. So get registered with this extra-ordinary app immediately and feel safe about the upbringing of your kids.


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