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    Choosing between Google and Bing

    Each of us uses the Internet search engines. Search Engine is a tool that is used widely in the day-to-day life. But the question is which one is the best search engine to use?

    Now for the title of the best, we come up with two Internet search engines Bing and Google which are fighting to get to the first position. A lot of comments appear on the internet daily about both of them. Bloggers flood with us articles about them and their own opinions. A number of opinions and blogs make it difficult to decide the best search engine to use. Moreover, it is not sure that these comments are trustworthy. Many companies that have studied the performances of these search engines are companies such as:

    1. “Citi Group”
    2. “ReProfesial”
    3. “Onet”

    The results are not yet conclusive. Each company promotes their favorite.

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    Proposed solution

    It is certain that search engines are the lifeblood of the modern Internet. Without them we were in a world full of darkness. But by using a search engine, we usually deal with the defeat of fertility. By typing in Google, phrase, photo editing, we get over a million hits. Nobody can gather the results and sort them according to importance. And so it is required that the computer programs must be arranged for the users.  But the order is important for site owners (in this case, the producers of photo editing software). Each of them would like to hit in the first place the results list. If a party appears in the second hundred in the ranking, its popularity will be small. And that means financial losses.

    Nowadays Web browsers as well as displaying Web pages also offer a bunch of extra features. Anyway, I do not imagine a life without features such as synchronization of bookmarks or the spelling checker. Some of them have become quite standard, but manufacturers continue to outdo each other in inventing ever more useful modules. Configuration options are most important part for the advanced users which it is possible to adjust the browser to your needs. All measurements take place on the laptop Packard Bell Easy Note LJ65 configuration: Intel Pentium T4500 2.3 GHz, 4 GB DDR3 and NVIDIA Ge Force G210M. Operating systems used during the tests are Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Preview (MS Internet Explorer 11 Preview) and Ubuntu 13.10.

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    Are you curious to know what a Web browser is the fastest?

    Personally I suggest you familiarize yourself with the requirements of data search engines because each of them has different marketing on the Web. Each has its own pros and cons. Google puts on originality, keywords (which we should not analyze, have hit the same nail on the head) and brevity. Bing proposes use of research on keywords. In my opinion there is no common ground to declare the best search engine. There is no single reliable and  excellent  search engine for all tools. The only way to satisfy with choices is a thorough analysis of each option we have, and it will ultimately benefit us. Each of us have different habits and needs. However, if someone does not know-how to trust yourself then you are invited to the official website of comparison search engines is a simple tool, overlay on search engines. All that is required in this website is a query and then you will get analysis in a columnar form. After reviewing the results, you can easily choose the best search engine that meets all your requirements. Blind Search will show us whether we chose Google or Bing called the “blind test” through which you can objectively assess the quality of both search engines.

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