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    Choosing the right SEO for 2014

    To sum it up briefly, SEO is the capability of a website to reach a high ranking for certain search terms in the search engine results.  A low ranking in SEO and it’s a guarantee that you are losing valuable traffic every day.  So if you’re looking to increase the traffic to your website you must raise your search visibility.  Having said that, here are some of the best SEO tips for 2014:

    Social Bookmarking

    What exactly is social bookmarking?  To put it concisely, social bookmarking is placing bookmarks online so that you can readily share them with friends.  In other words, rather than saving the link to your computer, you can now save it to the web instead.  So in essence, a social bookmark holds a link to a website that people want to share with others or remember.

    There are a ton of websites online called bookmarking sites where you can submit your content to them and bookmark it that way.  These sites are great for helping get traffic to your website, as they store the information for you and you can make your links open to the public or private for your own exclusive use.

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    PDF File Submissions

    You can make an SEO PDF file for your business website and send it in to PDF submission websites in order to get more traffic for your website.  Search engines give the same value to PDF files as to html files.  By getting a back link here you will have your keywords optimized and thus gain more traffic for your website.  Also, PDF file submission sites are updated often and thus search engines crawl them more frequently.


    It’s accepted as common knowledge online that an Internet user will only need three seconds to decide if they want to remain on the page they are currently on or leave it and go somewhere else.  The information available on your website must be precise and able to capture the eye visually so that it won’t take a user longer than 3 seconds to process the information.

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    An Infographic is an SEO method that visually displays information.  Rather than having to put into writing an article or blog post, now you can make an infographic that will put all the information together in an image to communicate what you didn’t want to say in words.  What an infographic does to help your SEO promotion is that it will be shared and help to increase your link portfolio.  Also, since the time it takes to load your page will have an impact on your Google ranking, an infographic can help you lessen your page loading time.

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    Social Networking

    Social Networking is vital to your SEO promotion.  The social networking sites stretch across the Internet and can assist you in getting your company on various sites and search engines.  Plus social networking will send more traffic to your website.

    Search Engine Submission

    This is sending your website URL to the largest search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  There are literally thousands of search engines out there online, but having your website submitted to only the major ones will go far towards helping you obtain the traffic you need.

    These are only some of the best SEO tips for 2014.  There are plenty more and all are valuable in their own way.  Learn them and put them to use and you will find that the ranking of your website will rise steadily to the top.  And naturally, with the rising of your website in the rankings, it will ensure the future success of your business.

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