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    Common Web Hosting Mistakes

    Having web hosting is an indispensable service for anyone with a website. Whether it is designed for personal use or for business purposes, choosing the perfect company and package for your web hosting is an essential step.  Any newbie in this field should know all the tips in making the right decision. Luckily, there are hundreds of materials online tackling the various ways to determine which service provider to select and which kind of hosting plan to avail. It is equally important to know the common pitfalls that are often encountered associated with web hosting services. It is best to learn from other people’s mistakes so you won’t have to go down the same impractical, and often costly, road. Herewith is the common web hosting mistakes done by users.

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    Mistake 1: Settling for just any company that offers you hosting services

    The first, and probably the worst, mistake one can commit when signing up for hosting services is choosing the wrong company. As many other articles will tell you, getting the wrong hosting provider will leave you dissatisfied with their services and will eventually force you to change providers. Should this happen, you may not be able to get a refund should you wish to terminate your existing plan early. To avoid this unnecessary waste, it is best to sign up for a plan with the right company from the very beginning. This means you need to do your research thoroughly and evaluate the pros and cons of each host and plan carefully. It will help if you have a clear idea of your website’s current and potential growth requirements. Another good tip is to ensure that the reseller that you choose to sign up with is knowledgeable of server environments and scripts.

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    Mistake 2: Availing of cheap or free hosting that is not suitable for your website

    People love bargains. Most will bring home free items, unmindful of whether it is actually needed or not. The same is true for website owners.  Some sign up for free or cheap hosting without considering the limitations. These types of web hosting are meant only for personal or small business websites with very easy simple requirements. The companies also usually include advertisements in the website that they host, making it look a little cluttered. Additionally, free or cheap hosting comes with very little functionality, lax security control, and a lot of downtime.

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    Mistake3: Leaving everything up to your host

    Web hosts often include free regular backups in the plans that they offer. Although these companies really do conduct this important process, it is also a good idea to do your own backing up. The reason behind this is that should something untoward happens to the website and the problem could not be resolved anymore, you won’t have to rely on the outdated backup that your host will provide. Having your own copy of your data will make transferring to another host very easy as well. Another thing that clients often leave up to the host is procuring the newest versions of the software required to keep the website running. Of course, this is really the service provider’s responsibility. However, it is up to you to check whether the company is running the most recent versions of patches and software.

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