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    How to Create a Successful Facebook Online Store?

    If I’d have written this post an year later, I would have started it by “Gone are the days of eCommerce..”. Yup, its almost nearing! Facebook, being the morning, noon and night to so many, has now successfully stepped into online shopping. Fcommerce is all that you’ll hear in the years to come by. Facebook has become exclusively smart with Facebook online store.

    So, here is a quick analysis of things that have aroused this FaceBook commerce revolution.

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    1. Nearly 40% of people are using social networking sites to shop online
    2. 41% of Facebook users recommend a product on Facebook
    3. Facebook withholds 600 million users
    4. Few specific businesses have 20% of their sales via Facebook online store
    5. 7-10% higher cart values if on Facebook
    6. The number of Facebook store transactions are increasing 10% each month
    7. Average total time spent on Facebook site is 14 minutes, which is even higher than that of Google.

    While Fcommerce being a new concept over social media networks, it has got something to take any e-business to higher level in a very short period. Is that just enough to create Facebook fan pages and let your customers to like your posts and new updates? If you really need to witness the power of Facebook, a Facebook store is all that shows you off with it. A plenty of smart businesses in today’s world have started to create Facebook stores which turn up into massive profits. With just a paypal account, anyone can set up a Facebook app store. So, how do you find success with a Facebook ecommerce store?

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    Here are few tips:

    • Create a name to your Facebook online store that is more relevant to your business. Check with the name that is more accurate with words searched over search engines. This could also promote your business via search engines.
    • Go with the applications that is easy to set up.
    • Your wall is your shop’s window. Hence design matters more. Design your store in a pleasing and decent way, which could simply turn down your targeted customers.
    • Using HD photos and images is one best way to get major attention.
    • First impression is highly valued. Never go with confusing and dull models. Build your store’s welcome page in a creative, inviting and more importantly in a unique way.
    • Stay focused on motivating your fans to the core. Reward them with discounts and offers based on the number of fans they refer, number of products they purchase, number of likes you receive so and so. This not only motivates your sales, but also keeps your customers interested on your business.
    • You can enable Google analytics and Facebook insights to your toolkit analytics tools. This helps in enhancing your business via SEO techniques.
    • By making use of few promotion apps, you can allow importing of emails to Twitter and Facebook, which in turn takes your business to social media’s marketing leverages.

    So, for anyone who had been waiting for years to build a small business online, Facebook store can be the one best solution to achieve it!


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