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    Creative web designs for 2014

    Web designing has changed a lot in the past years and it keeps in constant evolution. Everybody is asking what the trends are going to be in the 2014.


    Here are some selected interesting web designs and they are classified into three broad categories:

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    Design, Programming and Usability

    The classification can be made in many other ways, but this seems to be the most clear and simple.

    1. Clarity-Simplicity (Flat design)
    The Flat Design became fashionable in 2013, but it will remain important in 2014. The people, (generalizing) usually get more attracted seeing visually loaded websites. With this design you have to focus on what matters the most, so images and text are those more prominent,  and this is achieved by performing generally flat designs, introducing well used spaces (white space helps to highlight the content) avoiding glare, gradient patterns, texture and shading.

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    2. Photos background
    The web background with large photos was used in 2013 as well, drawing the attention of users, as websites with this design provide a nice appearance and are widely used in order to get clean designs.

    3. Funds video
    It is said that 2014 is going to be the year of consolidation of the use of video as a web background. Audiovisual content is considered as a wakeup call and it allows transmitting the idea more easily to the clients.

    4. One page design
    Everybody is talking about this trend. Simply a one page design which means web development in a single page, where there is no need of tags and all the information will appear on the home page.

    5. Drawn Fonts
    Mixing fonts in web design, it was a highly requested design in 2013, but in 2014 mixing fonts has become more elaborated. Typographies are a must since they give more personality to the site.

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     6. Metro grid / blocking
    It consists of rectangular and square blocks making the website look very fashionable. The blocks form a board and each block fills a blank space. All the information is displays in a very clean way, very structured and is easier to adapt to different mobile devices.

    7. Parallax
    Like most of the designs, the Parallax began to be implemented in 2013. Is an effect that adds depth and movement, which is achieved by programming in different layers and at different speeds, creating a 3D effect? When the user scrolls down the web it gives the appearance of a highly interactive website.

    8. Animation
    This year, animations will be further standardized, especially for more targeted landing pages with a defined storytelling making it fun and interesting.

    9. No flash please
    It is hard to see that there are still websites that use flash because at this time it has not been updated yet. Today we have programming tools as HTML5 and CSS3 (among others) that can be more helpful when you decide to renew your website.

    10. Many pixels
    Today there are more and more technological devices with screens with a resolution “similar” to the human eye, and there are some brands starting to offer 2K resolutions. And if we want to utilize the full potential of these screens, people must develop websites adapted to this kind of technologies.

    11. Cookie Warning
    Last year some companies started to inform their users about cookies on their websites, and this year, since the law requires it, this trend is going to continue in order to keep the security of the visitors.

    And these were some of the highly requested web designs in 2014. Follow these tips if you want your website to stand out.

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