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    Four Tips to Make Your e-Commerce Website The Next Big Thing in Online-Retail

    Online retail has made a huge impact on the consumers. Instead of going to shops, standing in queues and waiting for their turn, all they need to do today is simply browse products and services on various websites and buy the products of their choice. Be it furniture, office stationery, apparel or gardening equipment, they can buy anything and everything without leaving their home.

    This is why more and more shoppers are using e-Commerce website for purchasing products and services instead of going to brick and mortar stores.  Let us look at four tips, which will help you make your eCommerce website the next big thing in online-retail.

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    Give customers a reason to choose your website over other sites

    There is no shortage of e-Commerce websites in the market and some of them are really good and have a huge customer base. Hence, you must make it very clear, why a customer must choose your site over other e-Commerce sites.

    For instance, if you have an e-Commerce website, which sells books, you can offer an excellent user-interface, provide a new collection every month, offer niche products (like rare editions) or have a huge range of product categories. Such unique features help make your site different by providing visitors a new thing to look forward to. They will eventually spread the word about your site and this will in turn increase the number of your potential users.

    Provide multiple options to search products

    Provide multiple options to your visitors to search the products/services on your website. For example, you can give them the option to search products by category, by brand, by price-range, by color, by location among others. You can also create new tabs to highlight certain products; for e.g. you can create “new arrivals”, “discounted products”, “recently bought”, “most popular” or “deal of the week”.  This helps visitors save a lot of time and compels them to use your site again for shopping.

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    Make your site convenient

    e-Commerce is all about making shopping convenient. The more convenient a site is, the more popular it will be with the users. Hence, make your website convenient for your target users. You can take the help of the following pointers for doing so:

    • Provide a detailed product description
    • Allow users to compare products listed under the same category
    • Ensure that the checkout process is easy
    • Upload high quality, relevant product images
    • Ensure that the call-to-action button does not distract them
    • Don’t force first time visitors to sign-up to buy products from your site.

    Offer some extra services

    Give your users some extra services other than browsing your website and making a purchase. Think in the terms of making the shopping experience more personal for your users. For example, you can give them the option to gift wrap their orders, choose the time of delivery or add personalized notes to their order. This is something, which most online shoppers look for in various e-Commerce websites. So, grab this opportunity and make the most of it.

    To wrap it up

    There are many more such points which will help you better your e-Commerce website. Use them to increase your user base and become one of the top grossing e-Commerce website sites online.


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