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    Elements To Include In Your Blog’s Design

    Your blog’s design can be funky, conservative, completely focused or multimedia on the content. Regardless of the direction that you want to have, you are required to integrate various extremely imperative elements in your blog’s design.

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    You need to learn it well if you are considering starting out your own blog. Following are some of the vital points you need to take into account to familiarize yourself more about designing the blog elements and how important they can be for you.

    Good Navigation

    The menu you are to create on your blog happens to be the building block of your site and there is simply no exception to it. Every web designer is going to confirm this fact that while you are learning about how to create your own blog, you need to initially consider the navigation. Good navigation is going to determine several other designing elements of your blog’s design.

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    If you want to have a small menu, then it is going to make things though for the audience to get around your portal comfortably. Having too many buttons on your site will lead to confusion. You require to achieve some harmony. It is imperative to have only the vital categories on your blog’s menu. Subcategories or menu will assist you bring in more clarity.

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    The White Space

    The white space is necessary for the success of both the web as well as the graphic design. if your blog’s design lacks empty space, it is going to result in clutter and makes your blog’s design a lot more complicated to understand.

    You just need to take into account some of the most prominent elements you find on every single web page and then surround them with additional white space on your blog’s design. It is going to assist you come up with the most crucial elements keeping other things from the rest of the design. If you get some white space into your blog’s design, it will enable your page to ‘breathe’ and also it will facilitate your visitor’s browsing experience.

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    You must remove all the functionalities and elements that have no specific function. In this manner, you will be able to increase the amount of white space and this is going to make your blog appear well organized and appealing.

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    Text Design and Fonts

    Some segments of your blog’s design are certainly more imperative as compared to others. Therefore, you need to make use of such elements that are useful in giving these segments of your blog more priority. A larger and bolder font for the headlines will catch the attention of your visitors instantly. Moreover, you can make use of such shades that are different from the entire design’s body.

    You Need To Have An Identity

    A graphical element, a slogan or logo in the header of your blog’s design will be helpful in making your market your blog as a brand. You actually require this marketing tool to grow your visitor base and eventually make it more loyal to your brand.

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    The identity or slogan should be unique. Moreover, you need to ensure that it is associated with your blog’s primary theme. A clever URL or a witty slogan is going to make it easier for your readers to remember your brand and will keep coming back to your blog over and over again.


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