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    Enable PHP LDAP Module in XAMPP

    As in our experience, on a very rare situation, we were required to use Windows Active Directory or OpenLdap as our user database in WordPress. We may need to enable php ldap module in XAMPP. By default this php ldap module is not enable in XAMPP as most web servers are not using ldap as their database or directory. Follow these simple steps to enable this module.

    To enable php ldap module in XAMPP, find the following files and copy them.

    From C:\xampp\php copy the following files to C:\Windows\system.

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    • libeay32.dll
    • libsasl.dll
    • ssleay32.dll

    Find and edit C:\xampp\php\php.ini and uncomment “extension=php_ldap.dll” around line 965.

    Restart XAMPP (restart Apache service) and you should now have access to the PHP LDAP functions.

    You can check ldap functions enabled in ldap by clicking phpinfo() in http://localhost/xampp/.

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    Try this and enjoy!

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    1. Great Man, I have been stuck in same issue,
      Finally I got appropriate solution, Thanks once again 🙂
      I have one question, On my another machine i have installed xampp 1.7.2
      I just comment out the extension=php_ldap.dll in php.ini & it’s work for me,
      But when same things i did on different machine it’s not work for me,
      I had to follow above specified steps to enable ldap.
      Why this happened?

    2. That was super easy! Thank you very much it helped me and saved lot of time

      Here is my suggestion

      One change I suggest is have Environment variables configured instead of copying the dlls directly to system folder. Following is the help for this


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