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    How to find the best programmer

    The tech market is quite saturated specially for programmers as there are plenty of newbie programmers churning out from every corner of the world. Since the concept of freelancing has started, there are many programmers offering their expertise online at low rates from around the world to develop apps and software programs for your business. With so much demand of programmers ready to provide you services at your desirable costs, it becomes quite difficult to find the best programmer from the market who can promise to deliver on the skills that he possesses. There are many programmers who claim to possess certain skills that can misguide you and might cost you on your business because of their unprofessional work. Hence, it is important to consider certain factors when you are planning to hire a programmer to build an app, a website, or any other relevant software for your businesses.


    Analyze their Past Work

    When you are looking for a programmer, you must checkout their credentials by analyzing their past work. You must not just believe in their CV listings but ask for their past successful work samples. This way you will get an idea about their experience level and would also know if they are genuine programmers or just misleading you.

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    Academic qualification is important

    Many programmers nowadays do not have professional academic background in the related field. Either they have learnt it for their obsession with apps development since it sounds quite a cool activity or they have taken short courses and learned a few basics to start off their work. This type of programmers lack technical expertise since they are not properly educated on the background of the programming field. Hence it is important that a programmer must hold some professional degree in the relevant field or at least has done majors in Computer Science so that he/ she is aware of the basics of programming, coding and language structures.

    Test Their Technical Skills

    In order to pursue with a programmer, you should assess their technical skills by giving them an assignment to work on as a testing phase. The assignment should be such that it enables the programmer to utilize their professional skills in the best possible way. The nature of the assignment depends on the kind of work you expect from your programmer so that once you hire them they should meet your criteria and you would not have to make dumb investment in your employees.

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    Search Your Network

    Contacts development is another great tool to find the best programmer. You can always search your professional network on various networking sites like LinkedIn to find a suitable person. Even if you do not have anyone in your own network, you can immediately extend your network through contacts development. This task can be done either by sending direct requests to the contact persons on the sites, get referrals from your peers, making posts in relevant groups, and involving in discussions on forums and groups.
    All these tasks seem simple but they are very helpful when done with serious intentions.

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    Outsourcing and Freelancing a Programmer

    If you want to diversify your employee base, you can consider the option of outsourcing a programmer. There are very good programmers one can find through outsourcing your programming tasks to a particular person if he/she meets your criteria.

    Another possibility of finding a good programmer is to freelance your programming task to a freelancer. Nowadays freelancing is a very common source of employing targeted employees as it is convenient to hire an employee on project basis and it also helps to avoid the cost of full time employees. You can easily search freelance programmers on various freelancing websites as there is abundance of qualified programmers from around the world who can provide you excellent quality of work at low costs. You can check their credentials through their profile recommendations and ratings given by previous employers.

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