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    Freebies for WordPress: Amazing design resources by DealFuel

    Design resources and templates are a boon for every web developer and designer. Using such templates and resources, they can draw inspiration for their ongoing projects, use certain elements or even tweak these resources completely to suit their needs and requirements. There are some websites that provide such fresh and helpful resources, and one of them is DealFuel.

    At DealFuel, you can effortlessly browse through each and every category of different design resources and download the one that captures your imagination. You can even get your hands on such resources for free and download them instantly at the click of a button. So read on and find out more about these amazing freebies.

    1. Responsive WordPress template

    Responsive design templates are an absolute rage. They can be rendered on almost all devices without compromising the integrity of the design elements. As 20 million websites are powered by WordPress, you can use these templates in almost every other project. The template is best suited for building websites of food joints and restaurants. The template supports classy rendering of high-quality images and has extensive jQuery & CSS support.
    Download here

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    2. Slideshow gallery plugin

    This resource consists of s slideshow gallery plugin for WordPress. Using this plugin you can effortlessly design your gallery and showcase videos, content or images. These galleries have multilingual support and can be used to flaunt in any language of your choice. They are easy to work with and can be edited according to your needs and requirements.
    Download here

    3. WordPress newsletter plugin

    Newsletters are a great way to ensure regular visitors and followers for your website. Newsletters aids you to create a base of devoted subscribers who are notified of every changes and addition done to your site. This WordPress plugin helps you to create auto-responding newsletters, as well as provide some different newsletter templates and themes. You can even play around with these templates and opt for single or multiple posts in an email.
    Download here

    4. DaVinci WordPress theme

    According to sources, users switch WordPress themes over 225,000 times in a week worldwide. Given the popularity and usability of these themes, you should choose your site’s theme with extreme prejudice. The DaVinci theme brings forth a cocktail of style and utility, which is easy to use and modify.
    Download here

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    5. Royalty-free Graphics

    Graphic elements not only increase the aesthetics of a website but also increases its readability. Using these royalty free graphics you can convey vital information to your audience with utmost ease. You can tweak them according to your needs and use it for commercial as well as personal projects.
    Download here

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    6. Tricolor typeface

    Using pre-existing typefaces and fonts are things of the past. Now if you want your design to stand out from the rest, you need to strive for something ahead of the curve. Using the tricolor typeface, you can create a unique character styling consisting of different colors and design of your choice.
    Download here

    7. Waterlily typeface

    Using this typeface you can include handwritten fonts in your website. The Waterlily typeface can be used to create general website content or even to create logos. This typeface can be used for different languages and dialects and can be edited according to your needs.
    Download here

    8. Touch screen gestures icons

    Touch screen devices, the likes of smartphones and tablets are widely popular among the masses. It is estimated that there are over 1 billion smartphones around the globe among which majoring of them ultimately rely on touch gestures. Thus given the high usage of touch screen and gestures, you should make sure that your website imparts clear information and is easy to use. And this is when these touch screen gestures would come handy. These touch screen gesture icons account for almost every hand gesture applicable to mobile devices and can be instantly downloaded.
    Download here

    9. 200 Flat icons

    This resource consists of over 200 different flat icons that can cater to your different design needs. These icons can be downloaded in different forms and formats and can be instantly downloaded. You can use them personal or commercial projects and tweak their configuration to add your personal touch too.
    Download here

    10. Passion portfolio theme

    Portfolios are crucial to showcase your skills or experience. By creating a robust portfolio, you can showcase your experience & expertise to the global audience. This portfolio theme is elegantly styled, has a lot of attractive design elements and is also easy to work with. You can highlight key areas as well as implement carousels to help your audience browse through your resume and past works with utmost panache.
    Download here


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