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    How to give your website a fresh feel

    Website design is becoming much more accessible and easier for people to do themselves. It is now much simpler to customise a website to fit an individual and unique style. You no longer have to be a website designer to improve the look and feel of your site.

    So, if your website is feeling a little stale, all you may need is a few little tweaks to be able to make it feel like new again. It is important to remember that your site is just a tiny little part of a gigantic sea that is the internet. You are gaining more and more neighbours online every single day, 100,000 to give you an idea.

    But, there are some things you can do to get your site a little closer to the surface. Here are the best 5 website design tips to help you stand out.

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    Reboot with Images

    Give your website a fresh boost of life with some new images. Updating your images provides something new and exciting for returning visitors and something to entice first-time visitors. It is best to try and use high-quality images that you can rotate regularly in and out of your site design.

    The best option for a website is to hire a photographer for a custom set of images if you have the budget. If not, stock images are a great alternative. You can try a slider format on your homepage to help keep it varied. Be very selective when it comes to stock photography though, try not to use ‘cardboard cut-out style’ images that appear in way to many places.

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    Transform Typography

    You don’t have to use Arial for every single letter on your website. A strong and varied range of typefaces can help to create a hierarchy and visual interest. Pair your type as best you can by picking two type families for your site. Stick to a simple font for the bulk of your website text and then pair it with a serif or novelty typeface for big lettering or accents.

    A poster typeface for big lettering paired with a complementary paragraph font is the best collaboration. Try some trial and error with different types around your site so that you can see how they will look at certain sizes and with certain amounts of text.

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    Enhance with a Trendy Hue

    Bold and bright pop-ups of colour can give a flat website a new lease of life. Fully saturated hues are fun, lively and popular. You don’t have to rethink your branding completely to add in a dash of colour. Just take your current palette and include one bonus colour for website use. A bright lime green is great for accents such as buttons, links or calls to actions in sites with dark backgrounds.

    You can also create bright and colourful online posters to help revive your website. It brings information to people while looking interesting, fun, bright and colourful while still serving their purpose. Click here for more information on creating an online poster for your site.

    Add a video

    A video is a great visual element for your website. It doesn’t have to be really fancy and long, you could just loop a few seconds of video onto the homepage to promote what your whole website is about. Use something unique about your company or brand in the video and pair it with a short bit of text or call to action.

    Gage interest with Icons

    Add in some visual interest with some icons. It’s a different way to communicate than with just text, an icon pack can give a set of visual cues for common actions such as shopping carts or social media links. You can create or download your icon pack with a consistent set of visuals to be used throughout your design.

    They can also bring attention to certain parts of your website design. Strategically place them above small text blocks to create visual flow and direct users on how to navigate through information. Just make sure you use your icons consistently to keep with the same theme.

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