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    Google Page Speed Online – Important Tool for Reducing Your Hosting Costs

    As an entrepreneur, you must not leave any stone unturned in predicting the success of your business. When you can acquire a website of your own, then you must enrich it to the maximum extent so as to drive a great traffic to your site. Therefore, you should make your web page perform ideally. Google page speed can serve as an effective set of tools to fulfill this purpose. Apart from analyzing your web page content, these tools will also offer you suggestions and ideas for speeding up your web page loading. This tool is available in various forms- as a Firefox and Google plug-in and also in an online version.

    Advantages of Google Page Speed Online

    The major benefit of this tool can be accounted to the its easy and hassle free usage. It does not demand any prior browser extensions for its usage. Rather, it is extremely easy to install. Simply visit When you type in the name of a domain in the search box, you will be provided with various suggestions on several rankings from Google so as to improve the pace of your website. This speed tool will also aid in cutting down your usual hosting costs. However, low price does not certainly imply low quality. In fact you must never compromise quality of a hosting service with low price. Remember, only a well hosted website will yield a pleasant and good user experience and hence more traffic. In case you miss onto providing this enriching experience to your site visitors, then they will never visit your web page again. Apart from driving away traffic, this can also trigger a negative word of mouth for your business. However, you can easily escape all these qualms relating to the quality of your hosting if you employ Google Page Speed Online.

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    Why do you need a speedy website?

    If your website will load slowly as molasses, then your visitors will also appear at a snail’s pace. Due to dragged web loading, any user will get frustrated and leave your web site, swearing never to return. Nobody is willing to take that extra leap of time to wait until your web page loads completely. Every second counts. Your web site must open up in split seconds or else your overall sales and search engine rankings will get a hard beating. Once damaged, it is really hard to bring back the previous rankings. So make sure that your web page loads easily and responses quickly.

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    How can Google Page Speed Online help in optimizing your website?

    Google considers the page loading duration as a prominent element while deciding the rank of a website on the Search Engine Results Page. In order to minimize your page loading time, Google Page Speed Online can help as a beneficial tool. It actually aids the web master in analyzing the performance of the web site. Page Speed Online will first examine the entire content of your website and later generate suggestions for enhancing the speed of the page. Reduced page load time will further reduce bounce rates and boost conversion rates. As you start exercising the Google Page Speed Online tool, you will make out its fast speed and the way in which it provides suggestions. All the suggestions provided by the Page Speed online are sorted in an array of increasing importance. Furthermore, these suggestions come classified in three priorities- High, Medium and Low. This assists in knowing the factors you should work at first in order to decrease your web page’s loading time.

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