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    Greatest tips for SEO 2014

    SEO known as the Search Engine Optimization is the process by which the availability of a website is shown on the search engine’s results page which matches the content that the reader is looking for to the maximum level. The SEO searches a website and ranks it on the basis of factors such as the amount of visitors it receives, the content it has, the image search and many more.

    The Search Engine Optimization in 2014 is a complex updated version and will take time for people to understand. There are however, some tips and guidelines that if followed, can lead you to excel in using the search engine optimization 2014 which will enable the user to enhance the ranking of their website.

    seo tips 2014

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    The use of keywords plays the most important role when it comes to updating your website on any search engine optimization. It is necessary that you use Google keyword planner to analyze the right keywords for your website which will enhance the chances of your website being at a high rank in any Search engine Optimization 2014. A Google keyword planner is a program that without any cost provides keywords that are easily searchable by the Google search engine and are more preferred as compared to other keywords. Another way to boost up the ranking of your website through the keywords is to use less competitive and simple keywords that have high search volume. Doing this part is critical and may require some attention because if you can locate the right keywords that get the highest search visitors, your competitors might do the same and reach at the same level of ranking as of yours. Therefore finding a less competitive keyword will allow a larger number of audiences to find your website. Use of key phrases is another way to improve your position on the search engine. By using the key phrases it means to select a key phrase instead of a keyword because phrases work better as compared to just words and also listing out the keywords by relevance also helps in the same purpose.

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    People usually do not like boring articles and content that is not useful; therefore it is necessary to upload content that is interesting and descriptive on your website and is closely related to the topic. This attracts more and more readers to visit your website. Another thing to be kept in mind is to post quality content as copying and pasting the content from one place to another does not leave a good impression and duplication of content is also detected by the Google search engine optimization 2014.

    The URL of the website should also be aligned with the content of the website. It creates more simplicity for the reader and also helps in highlighting the address of the web page to highlight the keywords. Another aspect to keep in mind is to maintain the density of the keywords used, which is to use them in such a way that enables them to avoid the Google Algorithm Penalties. The developer of the website must keep in mind to use the selected keywords in the first paragraph of the content. This helps the search engines in identifying the related content that is related to the title. Use of different headings can also be done in order to make the content look simpler and nice and also helps the reader to read the content in simpler way.

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    Developers should remember to always keep the key phrases or the keywords aligned to the content and the title of the website. It is better to keep the length of the title in between 40 to 65 characters while highlighting the keywords with strong visibility to the reader. It will also add weight-age to the Search Engine.

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