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    How Can CSS Help Design Your Website

    Before CSS was invented, people were used to static pages which was a lot boring than a newspaper and is used to the plain, static system of HTML. When people got bored with the static style, they use the capability of tables to design a fairly simple website. They didn’t set it with wonderful colors nor have a wonderful website design, all websites are almost created equally. So when CSS came to HTML, everything changed. We now can see wonderful website designs that are almost like a piece of art. Take this website screenshot, for example.

    This website is created entirely out of CSS. Designing this completely through HTML is almost impossible but thanks to CSS, all these things are now possible. Additionally, here are some of the benefits of CSS in designing a website:

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    1. With CSS, your website is easier to load and consumes fewer bandwidth. CSS is a preferred method by web developers these days because they are lighter than table layout, as table layout consumes a lot of bandwidths. Unlike the table tag, the style sheet is loaded only once and is cached afterwards which means pages load faster after the first visit.
    2. Position any element in your webpage. Columns restrict positioning of elements in a web page that is why pages created from a table looks a bit dull and boring. CSS lets you enjoy the freedom of having to put any element in any position in the web page. It also reduces the risk when maintaining the website as every element is individually positioned.
    3. Change layout without affecting the content. Using a table to create a website layout is a mess. When you need to change the layout of the page, you have to start from scratch and do the designing and the content all from scratch. With CSS, you can individually define style sheets on every page; therefore, once you edit a certain element in you CSS file, every page linked to that file will automatically change, as well.
    4. More portable. Another advantage of CSS is that you can create a separate stylesheet file you can use to other web page you own, or make a template. All you need to do is link the stylesheet file to the webpage you want to be styled.
    5. Site consistency. When creating a web page completely out of HTML, and if you have a lot of pages for your site, you will have to copy the same style over and over again to all the pages you have. And if it needs to have modifications, all your pages should be modified manually, as well. Using this long and tedious method can be annoying at times because the consistency of the website layout becomes more complicated as newer elements are put into each of the page. Now imagine if you need 20 pages or more for your site. With CSS, you can just literally borrow the design of your main site using an external stylesheet and link it to all your web pages. So when you need to edit an element, you just need to edit the external stylesheet and all modifications will be consistent on your entire page.
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    Conclusion CSS is created so developing a website is a lot easier than it is before. Using stylesheets, as it gives you control over the different elements you have in your website; thus, giving your site visitors more unique and user-friendly websites.


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    1. CSS is helpful to create amazing visual impact of website, now with CSS3
      designer can also create simple animations on the website without using flash
      or javascript. Nice article on helpfulness of CSS. 


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