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    How To Build a Better Business With Outsourcing

    Outsourcing has changed the way companies work. Over the last years, this business practice has become one of the most important solutions a company can use for decades to come. According to a new PricewaterhouseCoopers Retail & Consumer Industry Practice report, more than 65% of US enterprises are currently outsourcing some portion of their workforce due to the reduced costs. 

    Although outsourcing is a boon to international businesses, it can entail lots of trade-offs and pitfalls, unless done properly. However, most risks can be mitigated with solid preparation and planning, and this article will help you with that. By the end of this piece, you’ll be well equipped to make the right choice as for an outsourcing vendor and find out more about important points to consider. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

    Tips To Choose An Outsourcing Web Development Company

    It’s a common practice for companies of all sizes to outsource web development services as their top priority is to release the app to the market fast. However, as companies continue to leverage this type of hiring, outsourcing companies pop up like mushrooms every day. Therefore, it’s nice to have a cheat sheet to find a reliable and productive vendor. Luckily, we’ve already compiled important criteria to look for in a vendor for you.

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    Seasoned experience

    Niche-specific knowledge and industry experience are among the most crucial things to look for in an outsourcing vendor. Among the major indicators of profound expertise and established experience are the number of years that the outsourcing company has been providing these services, the diversity of clients it serves, and testimonials of the company. 

    The management team, project managers, and other outsourced specialists should likewise demonstrate proven qualifications and professional experience in implementing web development services. 


    Finding a vendor that is open about his experience and the number of projects delivered is like hitting a jackpot. So, before you finalize make sure to gauge a company’s portfolio which can be a tricky thing to maneuver. Just like your resume, the vendor puts his best thing forward, showcasing his fortes and finest work. Still, a compilation of previous projects can help give you a clear picture of the vendor’s capabilities and standard of quality.

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    Legal paperwork

    Not having a fool-proof outsourcing contract and comprehensive NDS can cost your company a fortune. Therefore, the critical point for the company is to include precise, quantifiable parameters in the contract and a set of services to be rendered. Also, it is much easier to measure your vendor based on exact criteria when conducting your due diligence.

    To avoid a serious breach of non-disclosure, make sure to protect sensitive information by spelling out a confidentiality agreement, i.e. NDA. 

    Effective communication

    Much importance is attached to communication between the company and the web development outsourcing provider. It is essential to maintain a constant dialogue with the outsourcing team to deliver outstanding results, resolve issues efficiently, and avoid or limit problems. Startup vendor’s response times and the quality of answers can give you an overall idea of the vendor’s usual connecting routes. 

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    Established workflow

    With the previous point in mind, it is important to identify the preferred communication method before entering into the agreement. The communication channel is picked based on the type of outsourcing, time zone, schedule, and scope of communication needs. Moreover, pay attention to the applied methodology as it implies a direct influence on the development process.

    Are There Any Other Important Considerations?

    Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, an outsourcing partner cannot be found in a few days. Outsource web development services require a holistic approach and minimized guesswork. In particular, apart from questions related to experience, legal technicalities, and communication, a very important aspect is related to location. 

    • Choose the type of outsourcing

    Map-based types of web development outsourcing models are based on distance. Thus, companies can practice offshore, nearshore, and onshore outsourcing based on their business needs, specific tech stack, and development budget. Most companies, however, opt for offshore hiring which presupposes recruiting an external team to perform software development services in a country other than the location of the company. 

    • Outsourcing destination

    Choosing the outsourcing destination is the starting point as it lays the foundation for choosing an outsourcing partner. With hiring options multiplying worldwide, companies can choose between the major outsourcing powerhouses located in Eastern Europe, South and North America, India, and other destinations. East European companies, for instance, give companies access to high-quality services at lower operating costs.

    • A pool of local talent

    Another main reason why companies opt for offshore outsourcing is that there is often a larger base of highly educated, competent, and committed web developers. Therefore, it is also essential to check that there will be a solid recruitment base in your outsourcing destination.

    • Development costs

    The competition calls for cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. That is why companies often go for a location with low overheads and living costs to score the best quality-for-the-price ratio. But although outsourcing has become synonymous with cheap services, it is important to choose cost-effectiveness over cheapness. 

    The Bottom Line

    Outsourcing is based on three main pillars: domain expertise, effective communication, and clearly stated requirements. However, there are a whole lot of other subtleties that have to be resolved. But once you’ve clarified your expectations and requirements, and found a trustworthy vendor that delivers outsource web development services, your business will get a new coat of fresh colors.

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