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    How to Create a Marketing Plan for Rebuilding Your Business

    Numerous factors can impact the success of your business, and the last period has taught us that some are completely out of our control. Whether it is due to the global pandemic, or any other reason, in case of rebuilding a business, the first thing to do is create a good marketing strategy. Everything else will depend on how you’ve handled getting back in the game. This is why you need a structured plan for raising awareness about your brand. Digital marketing has taken over the traditional forms, so your focus should be on it, but there are several effective in-person methods you ought to try out to engage the local community.

    Targeting the right audience

    Depending on the type of business operation, you may have a precise target group or several ones. You need to understand the importance of really knowing who is your desired audience, in order to attract them. Every marketing campaign should reflect the target group’s expectations, desires and needs. Therefore, it is a logical starting point to find out what those are. You can have the best campaign in the world, but if you don’t reach the right people, it was all in vain. What matters is the consumer intent, and you want the highest levels of conversion rate, from viewers to buyers.

    An abundance of aspects of your pitch will rely on putting your customers in focus, such as platforms to use, visual presentation, type of content you are sharing and so on. Before we deal with the area of digital marketing, we want to emphasize how vital can be your engagement in the local community, especially when you are trying to rebuild your business. This kind of support can increase your revenue and customer loyalty level. People near you should see some obvious benefits of it, and this should definitely be one of your targeted audiences. Perhaps you could offer free delivery in certain areas, or sponsor a local sports team. Networking with other local businesses is recommended, as you can attract some of their clientele as well. For example, you can provide coupons for discounts to be passed on in the local restaurant or bar.

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    Building your online presence

    In the era of smart devices and people relying on virtual reality more than real life, building your company’s online presence is essential. Having an optimized website is not enough if you don’t invest in proper communication channels and promotion of it. Power of social networks is constantly on the rise, so make sure you are present on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and any other your target audience might find popular. You could organize a focus group meeting if you really want to find out about their drives and motivation. People are used to both sharing and receiving content on a daily basis, and social media is an amazing way to engage your audience.

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    Furthermore, a strong online presence can contribute to reaching wider audiences and expanding. And what is a better way to rebuild effectively than expanding only in the virtual world, without any additional costs for renting more premises and paying utilities? Providing the content is the key, and the king of the content is currently video, being the most popular and engaging form of it. You can publish stories on social networks, create promotional video tutorials and whenever an option, live event streaming is obligatory. You need to follow these trends, as your competitors are probably already doing it. Research their approaches and you may find some good practice examples for campaigns going viral. If you have any updates of relevant information after rebuilding, make sure to change it on your website, Google Business and social media profiles. You could lose quite a lot of traffic and profits if your phone number is not updated, for example.

    Investing in SEO and PPC

    Modernization of marketing has brought some new rules, and the development of technology is constantly updating them. To stay relevant in the virtual world, and for people to be able to find your website while looking for products or services you offer, you need to be ranked highly. Most people will use a search engine before purchase, and it is highly unlikely they will browse further than the first page of results. This is why you need to invest in search engine optimization techniques, as well as paid advertisements on Google, YouTube and other popular engines or applications.

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    Leading marketing experts all over the world agree that SEO is the future of marketing, and considering the effects are long-term, it does make sense. All the aspects of optimization are relevant and will have a direct impact on your ranking. You want to deal with the technical optimization before any promotion of your website or other landing pages. Constantly monitoring and evaluating your code, loading time and user-friendliness, in general, will lead to an increase in traffic. In combination with both relevant and entertaining content, it will be a bullseye!


    We understand that it must be frustrating walking in your shoes right now, but rebuilding can be a positive thing for your brand. You can approach this change as an opportunity to improve and grow. Just don’t rush and leave some thinking time, in order to evaluate your previous strategy and find new ways to enhance every positive aspect and a solution for any negative one. There is always room for improvement, and this may be your chance to become relevant on a global level! And as you already know you’ll need to spend money to earn money, you might as well spend some on consultation with experts to provide you with some valuable input and guidelines.

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