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    Is Drupal still in the market?

    Technology market is the fastest evolving market with continuous innovations appearing in every technical gadget, software and internet resources. Website technology is the hot trend in the market with its improved versions of various content management systems giving the users handful experience of latest versions. The three most famous and widely used Content Management Systems are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. All three have successfully managed to give each other tough competition and are thus struggling hard to lead the market share. All three systems are frequently improved with add-on factors that support latest internet technologies.

    Of all the three systems, Droopal is the most powerful platform as it requires exceptional technical expertise to build complex websites. Although the tool is quite developer friendly and can be used to build advanced sites. It is popularly used to build versatile, advanced and multifaceted website structures like online stores that require complex data organization. If you do not possess the skills to handle the software professionally then it is not the best choice for you.

    Drupal has received multiple reactions from its users, developers and designers. At one place it is supported by its loyal users and developers for its versatile advanced features and security abilities; while on the other hand, it has various drawbacks that make it a less liked choice for developers. There are various factors that make Google’s position critical in the present market and these are discussed below:

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    Drupal is a type of Content Management Framework rather than a Content Management System. Due to its complexity and advanced level, it is not the first choice for the new comers and beginners. Those who want to create quick websites and curate content without any deep technical skills, and then it is not a suitable choice.

    It is quite confusing to define the target user of drupal. Due to its variety of add-ons and advanced technological developments, it is more suitable for developers and coders who possess excessive knowledge of latest developments in website technology and hence is not a good choice for designers. Also Drupal has strong optimization for search engines as it has built-in content taxonomy system that enables you to use keyword oriented tags. However, some people have complained about its slow interface but its improved mechanism enables improved page loading.

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    If we look at the statistics for Content Management Systems, then Drupal has gained 21% of growth in the past few years as compared to its counterpart systems. It is quite interesting fact for those who are proficient in using this system as it provides diverse set of solutions to its users.

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    The table above is a clear indication about the popularity track of Drupal among other systems. This is enough proof to show that people are still using this platform to build complex websites since the trend of versatile website technology is on the rise. Drupal is the best software to assist both users and developers to interact on website platform easily. Drupal is very much there to stay in the market of Content Management Systems because many professional developers and coders still love to use this interface in order to design complex website systems as it gives them more room to work on enhanced add-ons.

    Drupal is still a very popular Content Management System since the Drupal downloads have seen growth since 2007-08. Although the growth is comparatively less than WordPress but still Drupal has gained its position in the market with improved versions and better solutions for complex content management systems. In the end, if you are a proficient WordPress user but want to experience some additional tools then you must shift to Drupal.

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