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    Keeping Up with New Trends in Web Design

    A design that is truly functional defines the current trend in web design.  It is not only about looks but also about the purpose. The functionality in web design attracts one and all. User wants such web designs that are easily comprehensible and very friendly. Web design has come a long way since the days of inception. With increase in use of internet and the way this medium is being trusted, it has become responsibility of web developers to come up with the solutions that meet the expectations of net-savvy users. Designer may get a lot of appreciation for the effort made in looking the design catchy but if it is hard to crack, it is nothing more than Mona Lisa. Let’s take a look at the progress path that the web designs have followed in recent years.

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    2011 was the year of Tangibility and Locatability

    • SEO approach – Drawing maximum attention was the key requirement in 2011. Web space was getting cluttered with a plethora of competitors. It was really important to be noticed in such a crowded space. Use of HTML 5 was advocated while conceiving the design. Getting placed in first two pages of search engines is believed to be doing the trick. Another tool in fashion in CSS3. This tool is believed to be the main decorator of web pages.
    • Mobile compatibility: The growing popularity of smart phones has provided another interesting reason to work on the web design. Web design in 2011 would be a hit if it was compatible with android and other operating systems. People started enjoying the web space during moving time and smart phones provided them an option to move their office from the desk tops to their pockets.
    • Touch screen technique: Web design needed to be supporting touch screen facility. Tangibility was the new taste developed among users and so developers needed to cater to this taste of touch and feel. Mouse was not liked much by the users. Web design was thus believed to be in sync with the trend if it allowed keeping everything literally on finger tips.
    • Simple color schemes: Content is believable, if supported by very less color. Use of two or three colors proved sufficient to develop the web page as per the consumer’s taste. Flashy design was no more admired and sober colors did the whole talking.
    • Use of background photos:  Graphics gained paramount importance in the recent web designing world. 3D background supported by pictures relevant to content increased the fun quotient of web pages. Every inch of background was a prop and it had to be used very wisely to create the impact.
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    Web designing when seen on a timeline speaks a lot about change. This has become more of an art to develop web page. Technology is changing day by day and so is changing the web design. Let’s see how it was in 2010.

    2010 Saw the Playing with Words and Logo

    • Logo Design: Words are replaced with images and graphic design. Graphic design companies are being employed a lot to create the unique impact. Pictorial presentation gets the boost in 2010 design.
    • Word Design: Text is also designed to make a mark. Use of typography to emphasize the underlying message has gained popularity in this year. Idioms, catchy phrases and shadows and colors in word contours have become part of an interesting web copy.
    • Making interesting heading similar to the posters like ‘Coming Soon’ was a popular trend in 2010. This created much needed hype about the product or service for which the web design was sought.


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    Word Week: A word cloud of my comments

    Web designing has always been a matter of improvement. It has a lot to do with the creativity. There is no end to the development and constantly working on new ideas keep the designers engaged in conceiving interesting themes. Now the New Year has arrived and let us not miss the opportunity to learn what is set for 2012.

    The year 2012 will see interactive web pages. Focus will be to provide more and more information, that too, instantly. Use of static navigation will be promoted to shift the focus to the content. Like every year, 2012 will also be focused on making the design user-friendly and informative.


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