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    Landing Page with Call to Action

    A landing page is often referred to as the face of the website. Now it is very important that this page creates a lasting impression on the visitor so that he may take interest in surfing the site further. A website is built with a purpose and a goal. Every page must contain a call to action button which will increase the possibility of the users getting in touch with you. A fresh, unique and convincing content can lead to someone clicking the call to action button.

    Many websites do not have a call to action button on the landing page, but it is necessary to have a call to action button on the landing page. It may not make sense in the first glance but eventually it will. It can be an offers button or a sign up button which would be a standout button on your landing page. It should be visible from anywhere on the page. It should be the most standout attribute on the page design wise in such a way that it attracts attention. But the call for action button should not look out of place or out of context; it should be based on the goal of the page. The first thing is that the call to action button should be of a different color contrasting to that of your landing page design. Your call to action button should exactly emphasize what it does, for example: Sign up, Continue, Get your Free eBook etc. All these call to action buttons specifies what it does exactly.

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    It should be the driving force behind your landing page and should contain the purpose of the landing page and what you want your users to do. These buttons when kept on every page gives the visitor to use it easily without going to a different page to actually click on a click to action button. An optimized call to action button ensures that your visitors will never have to guess. At the first glance, your potential leads will be able to see exactly what your page is for, exactly what they will get when they click the button. This will make your job easier and more in understood while less is explained. This can be a driving force for your business and it encourages the visitor to get in touch with you.

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