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    Major Aspects of Joomla

    With the evolution of internet has grown the online business and today you could witness tons of e-stores selling fabulous products all across the globe. However, without a perfect platform it won’t be possible to develop an ecommerce site selling high-quality products. So, now raises the question, which platform to go for and how many platforms exist in the present scenario! This could be a tricky question to answer as today you’ve lots of platforms to pick from. But, given the perfect functionality, features and extensibility, a platform that sits atop others is Joomla.

    I know by now you’d be hooked to learn more about this ecommerce platform. Find below some interesting points which could help you realize why it is preferred by 17% of brands today.

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    What it can do?

    It is true that picking the best ecommerce platform relies heavily on the business goals and type of business you’re into. Though Magento and WordPress are found to be better choices, Joomla can still outsmart them with its amazing extensibility nature. Be it any content management system, making it fully functional won’t be possible without top-quality extensions. And if Joomla is your ecommerce platform, you don’t have to worry as it carries some fabulous social media extensions for improving the user experience and performance of website. It now has the largest number of extensions and this can play a crucial role after setting up an ecommerce site based on that.

    How reliable is it?

    A huge plus of it is its stability. It is highly secure and stable as well. The number of downloads of this popular platform in the recent days witness it is a widely popular and installed platform. A lot of Government, corporate, private companies have been raised on this popular platform. It is powered with Multilanguage and multiple payment options as well. In addition, managing your website becomes awesomely easier with Joomla and its extensions.

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    What it costs?

    While a few reports claim that Joomla is a costly gimmick, it costs less to set up an ecommerce site using this platform compared to developing a site using Magento or Prestashop. As everyone knows Magento is a robust platform but with complex programming. On the other hand, it is highly simple to work with Joomla sites and it’s highly stable and secure compared to other platforms.

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    How flexible a Joomla shopping cart is?

    Compared to Magento, Open Cart, or Prestashop, Joomla stands out way ahead with its feature of high flexibility. Developing a site which is unique and attractive is never impossible with Joomla as it has got all the top quality extensions, plugins, themes, etc. Customizing the shopping cart or other navigations is absolutely simple with Joomla. With your site developed with Joomla components and themes, you can captivate the attention of users in a matter of few seconds.

    Simple to install:

    While installing Magento, Prestashop can be hectic and can bring in lots of troubles, installing robust Joomla platform never takes a long time. Be it a Windows or Linux environment you will be able to install this wonder platform in quick succession of time.

    Big, vast community:

    Another noteworthy feature that can speculate it from other platforms is the big and vast community. Though WordPress has the largest community, Joomla is the second best. Not only it has a great community but also the service rendered will be magical. The community is another reason why most people looking for popular CMS opt for this platform.

    Entire site looks great:

    Joomla often casts a magical spell on the audiences with its thunderous look and feel. Yes, this platform offers some bewitching display of elements which will never fail to entice the audiences. The interface navigation, performance, shopping cart designing, extensions, themes, etc. encapsulated in this site makes it offer a complete shopping experience to customers and enthralls visitors that cut through your site.

    With so much discussed about this platform, it is evident Joomla can be the best fit for bringing up ecommerce sites. Be it cost, design, layout, efficiency, power, extensibility, adaptability, flexibility, Joomla has got it all in the book! Why to waste time on searching for a platform that can help your site grow better. Try Joomla today and end up with hefty outcomes.


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