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    Making Money With Squidoo

    Often times freelancers, organizations, and merchants would do their best to earn money online through their websites. Online marketing has been progressing over the years, and Squidoo is one site to that helps individuals earn money on line by giving them an opportunity to advertise their sills for FREE. All you need do to is to be a little creative and make yourself stand out for the public to notice your posts or your page. You may not earn big bucks instantly, but you’d have to work it off so you can earn a good amount of cash.

    Here, are some simple tips to making money with Squidoo:

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    Think of something you’re good at.

    As they say, “each of us is special in our own way” each individual has his own talent. This means there is one thing that you’re good at, go ahead and discover that special skill and it can make you good money.

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    1. Read
      Always read on those topics that you have an interest in, dedicate you time and effort in learning something that you like for you to have inputs when you post on squidoo.
    2. Brainstorm
      Before posting something (e.g. articles, blogs, selling products online etc.) always brainstorm, think of all the good ideas that would help you invite people to visit your site and read your posts.Your post definitely needs attention, without much traffic you will not get much profit from your posts. Use keywords, since readers would usually type in keywords in the search engine in looking for something.
    3. Be different
      Dare to be different in making your article or post. Make it stand out and unique for your post or page to stand out, that way you can draw attention for people to visit your site. Unique content is a no brainer, all posts shall be free of plagiarism.
    4. Be Straight to the point
      Make your articles or posts straight to the point, avoid irrelevant comments or flowery words, it makes the article go around in circles that would make the posts seem pointless. Make your post interesting and factual at the same time, keep it short but directly points out the answers to the topic.
    5. Make it happen
      After doing all the following tips posted above, go ahead and sign up for squidoo and show them what you got!
    6. Patience is also a must.
      You would have to wait patiently for readers to visit your page it may take a while but just wait for it, if you think your page needs some revisions, go ahead and make it more creative, read some more on how to make your page stand out.
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    Now that you’ve read those tips, go ahead and try out squidoo, and you’ll be surprised with what you’ll earn. Remember, it’s for free, you didn’t invest cash for you to have profits, all you ever need to invest is your time, effort and dedication, and you can definitely make good money with squidoo. You may not earn thousands at one time, make a little effort, and you’ll be surprised.


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    1. Thanks OP,
      Some good, solid tips there on how to make money on Squidoo. I have just started a detailed 1 year case study to see exactly what passive income I can generate from a years worth of article writing on Squidoo.


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