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    Optimizing Listings: The Backbone of Amazon Optimization Services

    It’s no surprise that Amazon has seen an unprecedented increase in sales as budding sellers, and even known business owners turn to them during the outbreak. If you’re one of the sellers who wants to make your business stand out, you have to learn some of the best practices in the world’s top eCommerce site, particularly the Amazon Listing.

    But first, you have to know what Amazon listing is and how you can make the most out of its strategy. You’re in for a treat because this article will show you how this tool is essential in Amazon optimization services and the best ways to optimize it boost your sales, especially during the pandemic.

    The Power of Amazon Listing

    For starters, an Amazon Listing is simply the product page of the item you sell on Amazon. It is the page that your customers can only look to; that’s why it is best to design it properly because your listing can make or break your online business.

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    Good Amazon listings result in high traffic numbers online; thus, it can also increase your sales and guarantee growth in your business in the long run. Now you know why you have to prioritize working on its rankings to make your eCommerce business stand out.

    What is an Amazon Listing Optimization?

    While it’s true that increasing sales on Amazon is a bit difficult, the good thing is that Amazon Listing optimization is now readily available as the backbone for every Amazon optimization service. It is ideally how you enhance or tweak every part of your product detail page to increase visibility, traffic, and conversion rate, which will then boost your sales.

    It may be tough to learn and apply, but it’s one of the best parts of the consumer’s journey to Amazon. Your hard work  pays off when you see positive results out of great listing optimization.

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    Factors to consider about Amazon Optimization Services

    As simple as it may sound, there are a lot of essential factors to consider when optimizing an effective product listing for your business.

    These factors include:

    • Product title
    • Product description, including the benefits
    • Images
    • Positive reviews
    • Displayability and buyability
    • Unique features

    Why is Amazon Optimization Services important?

    Now that you know the basics in Amazon Listing Optimization, it’s best that you also know it’s primary benefits to your business. Improving product listings with the help of Amazon optimization services is the key to making your business stand out.

    High Search Rankings

    Online shoppers have a habit of naturally and randomly clicking through products and listings before they get what they’re looking for. Let your listing rank well on Amazon searches by riding on to this consumer opportunity. When you have good search ratings, chances are shoppers would click on your listing, and hopefully convert to become your buyer.

    Attract New Buyers

    Good Amazon optimization services, particularly in Amazon listing optimization, allow you to attract new from your targeted market. It also means that you’ll have fewer encounters with spammy customers who’ll just click back the button without purchasing. Having excellent listing optimization helps increase your conversion rate while filtering out unwanted buyers, thus, a reduction in browse abandonment rates as well.

    Room for Expansion

    Implementing effective Amazon listing optimization is an opportunity to expand onto other sales channels and build your website. Amazon relies on the optimization of your listings, which include the quality of your customer reviews, as well as the lead time for the shipped items to determine when to match you with an online shopper’s search query.

    Increase traffic

    Businesses with high conversion rates also rank high in customer searches. Amazon has an internal tool that awards boosts to pages that convert more. An increase in page traffic also increases your brand’s online visibility and influence. Thus, more customers’ exposure and a chance to boost your sales.

    Boost sales

    While well-optimized pages from Amazon optimization services can help increase the number of page visits, you can never go wrong with trying high-quality content combined with tactical optimization for higher conversion rates.

    How to Optimize Amazon Listing

    It’s time for you to know the basics of optimizing your Amazon listings. You may use these as your guide, or you may seek help with Amazon optimization services to take your product listing up a notch.

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    Improve Product Title

    A compelling product title is the first step towards an effective Amazon listing. It’s the first thing customers see aside from your product.

    You may add your top three to five keyword phrases in your title, but make sure it’s scannable, relevant, and readable, so buyers will click on your listing. Improving your title can also increase your Click-Through-Rate, so it’s better to think of your consumers’ needs as well.

    You can also consider the following to create a good product title:

    • Include measurements (liters, pounds, inches, and more)
    • Use numerical values
    • Capitalize the first letters of each word
    • Observe the 200 character limit.

    Create A Unique Product Description

    In writing your product description, always think about your unique selling point and product benefits while adding keywords for ranking purposes. However, it shouldn’t just end. You have to make your product description fun, interactive, readable, and structured!

    Encourage the readers to buy with the help of adding bullet points for small additional details, helping them learn more about your product.

    Get High-Quality Photos

    Product images can make or break your Amazon listing. Show off your products with your best shots. Try using premium images, lifestyle shots, and even infographics that show the features, benefits, and additional information about your products your customer should know.

    There are some rules for your product images. Make sure your image shows the product with a white background while covering 85% of the frame. You can use additional images to focus on supporting features like accessories, packaging, specifications, and variations.

    In choosing a product shot, you must angle it on the benefits it can give to your customers more than its best features. After all, customers are looking for products that will help them with their needs and not just its special features.

    Try Video Formats

    You may also use video files to upsell your products on Amazon. It gives you the power to control the features and benefits that you’d like to highlight for your products. You can try text overlay tools, cinematic videographies or animations, and engaging music to improve the impression of your customers to your products.

    Activate Amazon Hidden Keywords

    Some businesses are activating Amazon’s hidden keywords as a useful tool to optimize their listings. There’s no reason for you not to try this trick too!

    Also known as backend keywords, Amazon lets you use hidden keywords with up to a 250 character limit to add to your product description and make it even more relevant.

    Answer The Customer’s Questions

    Engagement and interaction are what drive customers to learn more about your products. It helps influence their buying decisions too. Consumers like to get more information in a more personal manner, so make sure to answer all the questions that appear in the Q&A section of your listing.

    Increase Reviews

    Getting more reviews and positive ratings for your products mean more potential customers. You can optimize your reviews in the following ways:

    • Providing accurate information on your products to avoid disappointment on the customers’ end.
    • On-time deliveries and fast transactions.
    • Responding to negative feedback and quickly addressing customer concerns.

    Consider Free Shipping

    It’s an automatic interest for customers whenever they see a FREE SHIPPING promotion on the products they’re checking. It’s a simple yet one of the most effective ways to influence your customers to purchase your products, thus, boosting your sales.

    But before you activate the FREE SHIPPING option, you also have to consider its effects on your business. You can also make it convenient on your end by using all-inclusive pricing, as well as unbranded packaging to reduce your shipping and packaging costs. This way, you can invite customers to purchase your products while saving money on the shipping fees!


    Given all this jam-packed information about Amazon listings and how you can effectively optimize them, you’re now ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level. However, remember that this is a learning curve and not something you can achieve over night. It’s a tedious process that takes time and energy.

    For starters, you may consider seeking advice from Amazon optimization services experts like Seller Interactive to help you with your listing optimization needs. It’s better to take action guided by experienced Amazon specialists so you can reach your target sales as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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    Jayce is the managing director of Seller Interactive, a full service marketing agency dedicated towards helping brands grow on Amazon. His content marketing expertise has led him to work with brands such as Toyota and GoDaddy, producing content that reached over 20M views in a month. He is on a journey to help D2C brands scale their business on Amazon.


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