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    5 Tips for Picking a Web Hosting Company

    If you want to have a successful website, one that’s hassle free and easy to manage, you need to choose the right web hosting company. But there are so many web hosts out there, all of them claiming to be better than the rest. How can you choose? These are 5 tips for picking a web hosting company

    If you just used a GoDaddy promo code to buy a great new domain name, you’re probably eager to get your new website up and running. And here are 5 things you should look for that will make choosing a web hosting company a little easier.

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    What Kind of Support Do They Have?

    What’s the use in having a great website if no one can access it? No web hosting is perfect. But if you do have a problem, you should be able to contact your web hosting company at any time, day or night, and have the issue taken care of. Good web hosting companies usually give you multiple ways to contact customer support, including email addresses, toll free telephone numbers, to a live chat option.

    How Much Will It Cost?

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    Price is another important factor when choosing a web hosting company. You should definitely try to find the best web hosting deal you possibly can. But cheaper isn’t always better, and it’s sometimes worth paying a few dollars more a month for good web hosting that will do justice to the awesome domain names you got with those promo codes. As for free hosting, most are unreliable. And good free web hosts will usually put more restrictions on you than you’d like.

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    Is It Easy To Use?

    The web hosting you choose should be easy to use. Before choosing a host, check out the type of control panel or dashboard they give users to manage their sites. You can do this by looking at the screenshots or videos many web hosts include in their “Help” documentation. Choosing a web host that uses cPanel is a good option. cPanel has become the industry standard, mostly because it’s so easy to use.

    What Do the Customers Have to Say?

    Customer reviews can give you some idea of what a web host is like. Keep in mind that all web hosts are going to have bad reviews. However, if a web host has been around for 5 or 10 years, and customer reviews seem to be good overall, it is probably a reliable web hosting company. Take a close look at what users say about uptime. Even at 99% uptime, that is over 3 days of down time per year!

    Can It Grow With You?

    You might have one small site right now, but your site will grow, and you want a web hosting plan that will grow with it. Choose a web hosting plan that offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. You should also consider choosing a plan that will allow you to host more than one domain on a single account, just in case you decide you want more than one website.

    Choosing a web hosting company can be a challenge. But keeping these tips in mind will help you choose a web host you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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