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    4 Reasons Why Your Next Web Project Should be Built with HTML 5

    Web projects these days need to be far intuitive, engaging and aggressive, then they were, say, a year or two ago. The last word ‘aggressive’ might seem a little out of place here, but it actually isn’t. Applications developed for the web, no longer have it easy now. They need to be better than their competitors, more user intensive and goal oriented than their competition, and as can be imagined, this is definitely not easy.

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    This is where HTML 5 comes into the picture and is of great help to web developers.

    Let’s just say that HTML 5 is the future of web development and is the catalyst for the creation of user defined experiences. Another thing, it’s still a work in progress.

    Functional Superiority

    The great part about HTML 5 is that it offers better functionality from whichever angle it is seen. It offers you all the JavaScript and CSS3 support that you need and on top of that, what you also get is an extended browser functionality. More importantly, even if you are a beginner or your command over the programing languages is not really up to the mark, you will still have no problems working with HTML5.
    It’s important to understand, that while one of its chief functionalities, or lets just say, the one that has grabbed the most eyeballs, is  that it reduces the need for external plugins like Flash, what it actually is, is a platform that allows the creation of organic websites, which respond better to the users overtures.

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    Seamless and convenient Implementation

    Perhaps, no other platforms offer the kind of seamless and easy-to-bring about implementation as does HTML and its fifth avatar, HTML 5. What is wonderful is that you can deploy this version on several platforms, which in turn ensures cross platform compatibility. Also, you now don’t have to spend endless amounts of time, going through the code and can put more focus on the way your site looks and feels to make it even more engaging. You don’t really have to worry about the code giving up on you during implementation or even during deployment.

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    Its Mobile Friendly

    In a world that is literally run by the functionalities and features offered by various mobile apps, developers were always looking for a platform that could allow them to create web enabled mobile applications (especially mobile websites) that could work on multiple mobile platforms. This is something that HTML 5 is able to offer; one of the reasons why it has become the darling of mobile apps developers. Such websites can be easily integrated with mobility functions like geo-location etc. This makes them more fun to use and allows them to make the best use of all the functional attributes (hardware and software) of the mobile devices.

    Interactivity and Intuitivity

    As mentioned earlier, web presences now need to be more interactive and intuitive than ever before.  This is why HTML 5 has scaled the popularity charts and is the first choice for developers, these days. Allowing them to add design elements through a bit of drag and drop (effortlessly),  and adding flash animation, multimedia forms amongst a host of other things. The key here is that it offers a way of making an online presence more engaging through interactivity and intuitiveness. There is simply no beating the capabilities of HTML 5 when it comes to adding a touch of interactivity and engagement to your website.

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    1. HTML 6 is the latest version nowadays. But people are not so aware about the latest version so using HTML5 is also a smart choice for web development. Only few changes are modify in HTML6 remaining functionality are same.


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