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    Secret strategies that apple follows

    “Apple” the name of white collar brand. It is one of the top successful retail companies in the world. Apple was voted the overall winner of the 2012 CMO Survey Award for Marketing Excellence and as the winner or co-winner for five consecutive years by the sample of top marketers. It was founded on 1st April, in 1976; From then on till now it made a profit of thousand billions. It is a meter of question to all, that how apple became such big? Did Steve Jobs apply any magic? Well of-course he did but some strategic magic that made him a billionaire.

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    Mike Markkula the advisor of Apple assembled a 3-point marketing philosophy, which are empathy, Focus and impute. And amazingly they still remain at the core of what makes Apple so effective at creating and profiting from loyal customers. Apple has used these principles to become the world’s most valuable company and one of world’s most valuable brands. Here are 6 strategies Apple has used to become one of the world’s greatest marketers-

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    1. According to jobs apple builds only those product which turn them on. Customers may be limited to thinking only in terms of what they know rather than what is possible. So apple team thought about the customer experience more deeply than the customer could. But apparently, it’s often what customers want.He realized that his job was not to make money like others but to provide quality service.
    2. Quality of a product determines the growth of a company. Without quality, no company can survive and grow. Above all, this is necessary in order to consistently beat the marketing competition. Besides, their staff is plentiful and accessible. In the stores people can touch and experience them. Also, most of the stores offer free in-depth classes on how to use their products, adding to their fascination. By doing this, it makes all of their products handy even to beginners. Apple believes that rather than spending so much time chasing after new customers; it ensures existing ones to be happy. By doing so, it not only makes the road of business shorter but also decreases the amount of true consumers and customers.
    3. Apple brought the style of everyday technology to a different stage. In case of PC one has to buy different parts of a different application. Besides there are 6 essential which are necessary to use a PC. On the contrary, using Mac book needs only a monitor with whole system inside. One can use Mac for problem free better services.
    4. The company doesn’t only focus on the appearance but its service as well. Customers want a smooth, spontaneous way to make their computing and entertainment devices work as a system.  In consideration to that, apple first offered a combination of “digital hub” and an “entertainment hub” in one system; it worked as a trump card in the game. Moreover, introducing Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iTunes brought great value to customers.
    5. Nonetheless Apple has built one of the most hardcore fan bases of any product and of any time. As I have mentioned before, it is a white collar brand. They serve an elite audience They believe in building tribe which will be their expected customers.
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    These given strategies work as a magic to the Apple company which is now a leading successful company throughout the world. They work to tradition into modernity. However, Apple is the successful company that knows how to attract and hold customers and gain enormous amount of publicity.

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