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    Securing Files Transfer Using Secure FTP

    Again for the third time this site was hacked along with our other sites and it was really annoying. When you just about to increase your pagerank, hits, visitors and generating useful ideas to be written, they continue to hacked again. So it is time for self-defense. Get some kevlar vest, equipped yourself with facemask, an anti-hack shot to the vein and prepare for total security of your website. Here we go!

    We have searched all over the net for solutions, ranging from forum, microsoft and personal sites. And finally we found one forum suggesting that one of the main source of loophole to the hacker is while the process of file transfer which we all know related to ftp transfer. So we believe this might be the ftp software that we used and anything that we did during the file transfer made us visible to the hacker. That’s it! We need a secure ftp software. Many software is available but this one is free, Secure FTP Client from Glub Tech. We believe that they are one of the most secure file transfer software available on the net. To support this, we need to see the secure features, usability, GUI and available support.


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    We have already use this software without any problem. So these are the simple steps that we have gone through for ftp transfer.

    • Upon opening the installed secure ftp, a nice splash screen will appear. Quite a different approach from other ftp software.


    • Then, without any time wasting you’ll be directed to this simply small windows requiring the Host Name, Username, Password for quick connection to your site’s files.
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    • For more settings, you have options available for the secure features, data encryption, proxy, port etc.


    • Anyway, after setting this option and connect. You will see this small windows asking for Grant This Session, Deny or Grant Always certificate of file transfer. Its your choice.


    • Simply clicking “Grant This Session”, you’ll be directed to your precious files on your webspace. Easy isn’t it?


    • Also, regularly, the software developer will maintain the Secure FTP Client with bug fixes and updates. Do not forget to update when prompted.


    Security Tips

    • Remember to update or change your ftp passwords at least once every 2 months.
    • Do not use simple password. Use something like abdc4312*& as your password. Try something that you may remember. Hackers usually use software to hack your password. So it will take weeks to hack if you using symbols with characters.
    • Never revealed, write or give hint of your password to others. It may be your biggest mistake.
    • Always update your blog software (eg: wordpress), update your password, and use secure ftp client that offer SSL and encryptions.
    • Do not panic when you’re hacked again. Find solutions on forums, tech sites, or ask us! There must be something wrong.
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