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    SEO for Entrepreneurs

    In the current rats race that has consumed the world, there are very few who dare to step down from the bandwagon. These are the visionaries or our times, the innovators and the leaders. We call them entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs chose to create their own paths instead of following those set by others. They are the businessmen, taking charge at the forefront of every field. In fact, they often create entirely new fields!

    Every business needs two fundamental participants, the seller and the buyer. However, due to globalization and extension of potential markets to every corner of the world, there is now a need for a third fundamental – the channel. This is where SEO steps in. Let proceed more on this article on what is SEO for entrepreneurs.

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    You may have heard this before and you will hear it again, ‘Content is King’. There is nothing better than exceptional quality content. In the world of today, almost every company who desires to be something great is online, churning out content to make their website rank on top in search engines like Google and Bing. However, most of their work follows the same format. The reader tends to get bored after a few paragraphs. Does your content have what it takes to build up curiosity?


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    When it comes to gaining an online presence, you are practically trying to sell your company’s products and services with nothing but words. After all, advertising is truly, ‘the truth well told’. Once you have got yourself some great content, the next and most important step is the key-wording process. For example, if your company sells medicines to cure asthma, you may write a mind blowing article about asthma and how to cure it. However, it may not rank high in search engines if the page is named ‘asthma related cures’. Instead, you would find much better results if your page says, ‘the best cure for asthma’. You may have the most promising business in the world, but no one will know about it if you haven’t used the right keywords.

    You do not need to maintain a high keyword density in your article, all you need is the right amount. Too much of something is not good, right? So make sure the keywords you use are relevant and not used much, otherwise your content would look cluttered. So do your research well before narrowing down on the right keyword. The best idea would be to leave the technical bit to an SEO expert company, which has the right tools and experience. It is your company after all, so if hiring professional SEO copywriters can get you to the top, then why fret?

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    User-generated content is another highly effective tool you can use to increase your conversion rates. Here, you give your customers the benefit of a forum where they can share their honest views about your product or service, in return, you receive a very unbiased customer content that gives you the extra edge that you need to attract prospective customers.

    You have to remember, search engines like Google and Bing are your best way of getting your company noticed. You have to provide fresh content on a regular basis to feature in search results, but it is the quality of content that will finally take the cake. There is no end to creativity. Use videos and pictures if you have to. Humour is like an aphrodisiac of the web world.


    When it comes to getting the attention of clients on a B2B level, make sure the language used is highly professional and straight to the point. Do not ignore the long tail words that potential B2B clients use when searching online. For instance, your web page may have its prime focus on ‘shoes’, your potential searchers would even use terms like ‘sports shoes’ or ‘gym shoes’ and so on. B2B searchers usually prefer a more detailed copy. This, in a way, is good because you have all the words in the world to explain precisely why ‘you have what they want’.

    Nothing catches the eye of a reader faster than your content title. From the customer’s point of view, when they type in a particular keyword they find suitable, there is a huge list of results that pop-up. The first two or three are usually considered. As creative as your title should be, it must also be precise and ‘to the point’. Make sure that you include your well-researched keyword or keywords, in the title itself. If you find that the title is not strong enough, then apply other tactics as well. Image tags, HTML title tags and meta description tags are the backbone of your web page.


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