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    What to Showcase in a Newbie Designer’s Portfolio

    Photography business is the business of eyes. You can’t get hired without pleasing the eyes of your potential clients with your very best shots. Having a first class portfolio is a must for a newbie photographer. However, it’s a chicken and egg situation – portfolio is needed to get clients and clients are needed to get some works to display on portfolio.


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    If you’ve just come out of photography school or have been searching for photography job since many years, absence of some solid work should not stop you from designing a personal portfolio to display on your web or to send with your CV. Having no customer is fine – All big names in the industry whose portfolios are now full of amazing pieces were once the startups with no professional work to display on their portfolio. But, having no portfolio can be a problem – you can’t become parallel to those big names without a portfolio. So if you have no professional work to display on your portfolio, there are many other works to e showcase there, such as:

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    Your Darling Collection

    What made you become a photographer? I asked this question from some photographers in my friend’s circle and amazingly the answer was almost same. They knew it from the very start – their photos prove it to them. So even if you haven’t yet gotten a paid job as a photographer, you must have a collection of photographs taken here and there. And I am sure few of them are your all-time favorite – the ones that speak your love of photography to you. Let the world see them, too. Your clients might get inspired from them just like you.

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    The Work You Like

    Are you planning to be a wedding photographer or a nature photographer? Do you like moving or still shoots? What style of photography do you enjoy the most? Take more and more photographs of the type of work you like or enjoy because that’s the work where you can give your best. It’s not just that the work one does with heart is usually awe-inspiring; it’s also that you need to get more and more clients from that specific field or style of photography.

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    Photographs Taken for Contests

    Photography contests both online and offline are quite popular nowadays. If you often participate in such contests, you can choose the photographs that got good rankings and were liked by the contest audience or appraisers.

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    Volunteer Works for NGOs and Social Sector

    Photographs are part and parcel of social awareness and education programs. As the saying goes: A picture can tell what thousands words cannot. Working as a volunteer with such NGOs not only gives you a wonderful opportunity to have some nice pieces for your portfolio but also a good reputation as a socially active person. It proves to your audience that you are the type of photographer that can give much more that beautiful pictures.

    Shots of Free Models


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    You don’t need to hire professional models to have some pictures for your portfolio. There are many models ready to work for free. In fact, there is only a bunch of models that needs to be paid. From natural landscape to the artificial public buildings, all are free to be pictured. Animals won’t ask cash, either (but, if they are pet animals, their masters can). Even many human beings can get agreed to be a free model for your portfolio shoots. Best among these are the cute kids of your friends and family. If you really know the art of photography, there is no way an adult pic and compete with the photo of these innocent beauties.


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