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    Small Business Trends To Implement by The End of 2021

    True business success comes only to proactive entrepreneurs. Such people are willing to take risks, do not shift responsibility for their own mistakes on the complexity of legislation and high taxes. They work with full dedication. And now, in a changing market, they are given an excellent opportunity to launch new promising ideas in business.

    The pandemic has changed the course of the game in almost all industries, accelerating the development of businesses related to remote work and goods delivery – from tools for online group meetings to the delivery of food constructors dozens of times.

    Here are the small business trends you need to implement by the end of 2021:

    In 2021, consumption habits are still shaped by the restrictions and new lifestyles associated with the pandemic. And they are likely to identify long-term favourites among business areas – anything that makes it easier to work remotely and enjoy leisure time in a world where travel is limited.

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    Remote work

    Remote working has become a forced trend and has automatically popularised related industries that make employees at home more comfortable, from sports equipment to healthy food constructors. Of course, one cannot ignore the services that directly affect work from home – from video communication services to security for corporate networks.

    Other products are also designed to make remote work as comfortable as possible, including for teams and employers. Many startups analyse the behaviour and mood of employees using artificial intelligence (AI), and online services for teamwork makes brainstorming and online seminars possible.


    E-commerce has become one of the fastest-growing industries and has also pushed online marketing forward. Today, e-commerce strives to close the gap between the offline and online shopping experience by using augmented reality, blockchain, AI-powered personalised offerings, visual content, and accelerated delivery. Online trading will continue to be robotised: robots will be able to handle a large number of orders and optimise staff costs.

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    It is important to know that those consumers who previously did not trust online shopping were forced to change their habits, and many remained true to them in the new reality.

    Online content

    Both entertaining and educational content are actively moving online: you will not surprise anyone with virtual parties, streaming services are gaining momentum, which is noticeable by the success of Spotify. Courses are now bought not only on Coursera, but also from niche bloggers on Instagram, and on independent media platforms.

    Growth is observed in both large players and young projects.

    A business like online education has several advantages:

    -low entry threshold;

    -the ability to scale and work globally;

    -constantly updated audience;

    -option to work with a remote command;

    -no costs for equipment, retail space, office, warehouse with goods.

    All you need for an online business is a device with which you can connect to the Internet. You don’t need to buy a new laptop or the newest iPhone. Contact good quality tablet repairs, fix your old tablet and that is enough to start. If you do everything right, very soon you will expand, don’t worry. 

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    Household products

    Home and beauty products were included in the top most bought categories among products sold online. The demand for them has grown by one and a half times, food delivery has become the most popular service.

    Anything that makes your stay at home more comfortable will be in demand, from the renovation and home furnishings to landscaping and home spa treatments.

    In quarantine, people have become more likely to plant houseplants and take animals from the shelter, so the demand for these products is also growing. Most users after experiencing the pandemic will spend more time at home working, cooking, exercising and gardening.


    During the pandemic, delivery began to be offered not only by large retailers, but also by small district projects, and as a result, it was positively evaluated by most people, including those who had not used delivery before.

    The food and grocery delivery market in 2020 has increased several dozen times.

    In general, delivery will become faster, cheaper and more technologically advanced.

    Niche directions – food aggregators or delivery from stores – allow you to compete with the delivery of large projects. Delivery of cooking kits fits well with the desire to make life at home more comfortable under lockdown conditions – during the pandemic, the demand for such products increased.

    Food aggregators will become more and more popular, while the cost of delivery will decrease. Delivery from restaurants is already changing. Food delivery in the new realities requires certain changes: contactless delivery, masks for couriers, only cashless payments.

    Goods for sports and active tourism

    Demand for indoor and outdoor sports equipment has increased, including bicycles, tourism products, exercise bikes and treadmills. There is also an interest in related products and services: online training and nutrition programs from coaches and nutritionists.

    Home workout apps from studios have become popular. Content monetization did not become the main source of income for large players but allowed them to maintain minimal demand and attract new customers.

    Sports retailers’ sales of certain categories of goods grow – bicycles, sneakers, fitness and yoga products, equipment for individual strength training, sports and dietary nutrition.

    The demand for fitness trackers and other wearables continues to grow, according to IDC.

    In 2020, fitness apps were downloaded 47% more often than in 2019, according to Sensor Tower. Apps for meditation, weight management, exercise, and nutrition were similarly popular. Ozon’s sales of sports products, including jump ropes, treadmills and yoga mats, tripled.


    The protracted pandemic gives reason to believe that the business will not last a second year of downtime. Probably, the only salvation will be a change in the field of activity. Entrepreneurs must be prepared for this turn of events. Make changes, experiment, implement new trends and cross boundaries. Make sure to always be up-to-date, and your business will succeed. Good luck.

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