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    How to Survive After Regular Google Updates With The Help of Social Media

    Unfortunately, we continuously face absolutely new challenges provided by Google. The corporation demonstrates its frequently aggressive attitude towards users. It became very uneasy to keep up with continuous changes. In order not to lose first page ranking, we need to treat this situation more seriously. Follow some steps given in the article if you don’t want to be influenced by endless Google changes which have got quite attractive names such as Panda and Penguin.

    Get yourself familiar with the Survival Schema

    There is no need to panic even if your website went down. Simply remember the golden rule – if the problem appears, a solution will be certainly found. Social Media is the best option. For some reason, the majorities of SEO developers still continue to buy bad quality links, experiment with spun articles and try to promote their business through the things that are prohibited by Google. In fact, Social Media will not let your website going down. As a result, you will be getting more quality traffic, and, of course, more potential customers to view your products. There are some SEO techniques that may be utilized:

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    • Create an online community constantly update the website’s content
    • Link to your website through social networking (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). It is absolutely free.
    • Social Network is a great chance to recover from Google Panda and Penguin
    • Multimedia is a wonderful option as well. For instance, post some videos on YouTube about your business. Use any option and spread the word!
    • Start guest postings
    • Take into account the following information: the popularity of social channels is rapidly growing: social networking such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook experience growth
    • It is very important to know that paid advertising irritates people
    • Social media is the way to know what people think about your products
    • Through social media you will be able to find a list of products your potential customers would like you to start offering. Simply let your customers know when new products are to be released.
    • The last thing I would like to remind you is that you can easily create a relationship with your customers. Use your imagination in order to survive all updates frequently released by Google.
    • Be unique and do not repeat the mistakes of others.
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    Reach your customers and connect social media to them. Moreover, it is not a secret that all of the above given networks are translated into different languages that allows you to reach the online audience from all counties of the world. As a website owner, you will need to properly use social networks – it will provide the important information without extra paid advertising. In addition to the mentioned above, the usage of social surveys on social networks is very popular. Promote your business through social networking: it is easy and free of charge.


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