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    The art of website development

    Creating a website can be a tough job but does provide a lot of benefits. A good website needs to be developed with the help of many considerable steps; otherwise if a website is not constructed in a proper way; it can result to be a failure causing much harm to the developer. Following steps need to be kept in mind while creating a project of developing a website.


    • The first and foremost step in developing a website is to understand what outcome you expect from the website. A large number of businesses do not know or do not understand the real purpose of their project and thus are unable to produce satisfactory results. To understand the purpose of your website, it is important to always keep it aligned with the needs of the customers, and to know what customers will be looking for in your website and if it is their requirement.
    • It is important for the developers to understand that creating a website takes a lot more cost and requires a lot more time than they think it does. There are events where more cost is associated to them and there are steps that require more time and effort. Therefore, it is necessary to not stick to the allotted time but realize that quality work requires more detailing and thus more time and cost.
    • The three major pillars of a website’s success include the customers and their satisfaction with the website, the content and the design that is created for the website and the search engine through which the website will be searched and reached to the customers. Keeping all the three pillars strong and aligned is a major contributor to the success of any website.
    • The design of the website is the interface or the appearance of the website. It is necessary to keep the design pleasing and informative as to attract more and more visitors. But it is essential to keep the quality of the content higher than the design because in the end it’s the content that matters the most.
    • Every good website has a unique selling proposition and it is important to figure it out before starting the development of the website. A unique selling proposition is that one single element that sets the business apart from all other businesses and becomes the reason for it to stand out among others. Every business has its own different unique selling proposition and it is related to what their main aim of the business is.
    • There are many people that contribute in the development of a website. The members working for the projects are more in the form of team; comprising of different people performing different roles according to their skills and experiences. It is important to keep in mind to treat all the members equally and with respect. The designers and the engineers have different roles and all put in their complete effort which should be appreciated.
    • While hiring the team members for any website development project, it is important for the recruiters to hire people who have the required skills in them. One of the major reasons behind the failure of a website is the wrong skilled employees working for it. Therefore, a proper criterion should be set including a benchmark for the education level, years of experience and skills that the candidate needs to possess. And only the candidates meeting the criteria should be considered for hiring.
    • The project of developing a website should always be started after doing detailed discussion with the rest of the team. Only a web designer can tell the best ideas for the design while only a web engineer can give expert opinions about the website development.
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