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    Use Drag To Share to Submit Posts On Social Sites

    Recently while i was surfing few websites, i came across one feature that i think might be the latest and unique way of sharing post into social websites. Just by hovering the cursor on an image of a post, a ‘drag’ function will appear. While dragging, few social sites will appear and enabled us to drop the dragged image into it. We will then redirected, to the related social site for login and share the post!  Its totally unique!

    This is really a new trend for social sharing. Apart from it requires interaction from readers, it also looks fun.

    One of few great websites that is using this feature is Tripwire Magazine.

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    How it Works

    • At hover on the image in the post itself will appear ‘drag to share’ link which mean we may drag the image.

    • While dragging, few social site like below will appear and enable us to drop according to our selection.

    How to Make it Works in Your Website (especially WordPress)

    Very simple. There is a WordPress plugin available for us to use which named ‘Drag To Share‘ or you can download directly from WordPress Plugin Directory.

    Demo: Drag To Share

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