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    The Most Useful Mobile Apps And Features For Moving Into Your New Home

    If you’re moving home then you will find that you have a lot to organise and a lot to setup once you find yourself in this new space. The way you settle into your new location now is going to make a huge difference to how comfortable you are ultimately, and will be instrumental in ensuring that you have a great experience of your new location and that you make the most of it. Get the set up of your home wrong, or take too long struggling with bills, and you can find that some of the enjoyment of this experience is ruined.

    Fortunately there are these days many new tools available to help us with some of the more complicated aspects of moving into a new property – and some of these can make a huge difference when it comes to helping us enjoy our new setups more and organising ourselves in those spaces. Here we will look at some apps that are available on the smartphone you have right in your pocket at this very moment, that can help make life in your new home easier, more enjoyable and less challenging.

    The Move

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    The first thing you’ll be faced with when starting your new life in your new home, is moving out of the old property and organising the sheer logistics of uprooting your whole life. A moving company will help tremendously with this process, but on top of them you can also rely on some useful applications to get further help. The single most useful example? A spreadsheet, which can help you to keep tabs of the cost, the organisation of your belongings, and the various services you’ll be working with. There are many different ways you can use spreadsheets on your smartphone, but two of the best are Kingsoft Office and Google Docs.


    Okay I lied… before the tricky process of actually moving you will first have to find the property you want and that means first scoping out locations. A great way to do this? Why not try using Google Earth. This way you can see the neighbourhood you’re moving to, you can explore around the home in streetview, and you can even see what condition the house was in recently

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    Something else to consider is that you’re going to be stuck for a while without many of your usual creature comforts. When you first move home, you can look forward to no TV, no internet and everything else being more difficult than it should be.

    This is when your smartphone and its apps can be a real blessing: your tethering can become your computer’s WiFi, your television can be Netflix or BBC iPlayer, and of course your calendar and your phone can help you to set up the real utilities meanwhile. You can also use your phone to read books through the Kindle app while you wait for the home moving services to bring your physical books.


    You can also use a number of apps to help with your interior design. There are plenty of apps out there that allow you to create floor plans for your property which can help you to see how everything can fit and generally come up with a layout that makes sense.

    Even more useful though is Pinterest. This is a great little app that lets you create ‘mood boards’ of images you like the looks of, and that way you can collect all the inspiration you need for your rooms in one place. Now you can get a general ‘feel’ for how you want your home to look, as well as finding some specific and unique interior design tips that can help to make your space really unique.

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