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    6 Web Content Writing Tips for Graphic Designers

    Get ready to serve the biggest community of the world – the web community! It’s time you stop waiting for clients to visit you personally – your competitors are on the web, and the prospects will reach them much before they think of visiting you.

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    The main clientele of all designers are business persons, be they owners of small retail shops or popular global brands, who have busy schedules and online shopping is more convenient to them. So, you can’t afford to be behind the times. No matter how creative and extra-ordinary a designer you are, you need to have someone see your work to hire you. For this purpose, you need exposure, a reputation, and credibility, all the things that a smartly made web portfolio with appealing design and strong content can win for you.

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    Being a designer, creating a catchy website shouldn’t be a problem for you. The real challenge is the other part – writing good web content. Here, I have listed down a few tips for you on how to write captivating web content to promote your graphic designing business.

    1. Keep it simple and easy to read

    Your clients are busy people. Their purpose of visiting your website is not reading – they are here in search of a designer. So, make your content is simple and easily navigable. Fancy jargon, flowery phrases, longer sentences, and abuse of the passive voice can stop your client from reading the content. Use shorter sentences, simple conversational tone, and easily digestible vocabulary.

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    2. Divide your content into categories

    You can’t put a bulk of information on just one or two web pages. It’ll scare your readers away. If you are a jack of many trades, make separate pages for each niche. There should always be separate “About us” and “Contact” sections on your website, too. In this way, you can save the time of your reader and let them directly go to the place they are searching for.

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    3. Be credible and objective:

    Online deals are still viewed with skepticism. Your content should not make your clients feel you are among the many cheaters out there. Don’t make exaggerated promises. Make realistic claims and give them proof to believe in you. If you are telling them that you’ve worked in multiple niches, showcase your work of each, for example.

    4. Recognize their problems and give workable solutions:

    They won’t mind reading the information in your content, but only if you prove to them it’s worth the trouble. Write the first paragraph on their problems, so they can relate to it. Once they know that you are aware of their issues, show them how you can solve them.

    5. Balance optimization and comprehension:

    You can’t promote your website without SEO; you need to use popular keywords in your content, particularly in headings, to rank high in web searches. However, those keywords should fit well in the sentence and context. I always advice copywriters to avoid the common practice of writing first and optimizing later. This will make their content look superficial and it might lose the meaning after adding keywords. You must know your keywords beforehand, so you can plan the write-up accordingly

    6. Hire a Content Writer:

    Copywriting is a skill. If you don’t have it, I’d never suggest for you to ruin your website with grammatically flawed content and ambiguous language. You’re launching the website to get as many clients as possible and you can’t let all your investment go to waste just with a little saving on content writing. That’s why the final tip, and the easiest one for a designer, is to hire a writer to do the job.

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