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    Web Design. Using Faces On The Landing Page

    Human faces are very powerful factor of visual perception. The images of human faces add “human factor” to your website or landing page and help cause the desired emotions. Pictures depicting human faces become a powerful design element in the hands of a skillful designer. Watch the influence caused by using faces on the landing page.

    1. Grabbing attention

    The basic and perhaps even the most powerful effect of human faces in web design and internet marketing is the ability to attract attention of the audience. Visitors focus on familiar signs and objects seen before. Human faces add personality to Landing Page and let the person feel as if he/she stays in a familiar social environment instead of being in a cold digital world.

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    2. Following the direction of the glance

    Once you have captured the attention of the visitors, you can use the images of people in order to set a desired path of viewing your landing page. When someone is looking at something we want to know what he/she is looking at. This rule works with the website.

    When using faces as a design element , make sure that you do it consciously and purposefully. Otherwise you are risking to waste a powerful opportunity to draw visitors’ attention to the crucial part of the website and even distract the visitor from ordering. And make sure that the user follows the direction you offer with the help of the human face!

    3. Involvement

    Using human faces is a great way to impel clients to activity and provoke interest. Any interaction applied for photos of human faces (whether it is our own face or a face of a stranger)  has high potential to involve the client. We love to look at faces as we recognize ourselves to some extant. Offering visitors the opportunity to change the image as if working with an identikit, decorate them, replace with their own photos, you give visitors an excellent opportunity to increase the sense of involvement. They will appreciate this sense of confidence and possibility to have fun .

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    4. Showing emotions

    Emotions create the language familiar to everyone from the day of birth. People from all over the world understand what it means to laugh or cry, fear or worry.
    Use the emotional expressions of human faces to stir up certain feelings. Photos of models or ordinary people expressing emotions on the face when using your product, are more convincing than a huge descriptive text.

    5. Trust

    Human faces can also make visitors trust your service. Of course, it is better to choose people who seem reliable from the first sight. Creating a page with a picture of your team or a page with customers’ testimonials , accompanied by their portraits, select the photos of people stirring up an unaccountable feeling of trust .

    As a rule, Internet is a world of anonymity. We share information or cooperate with people whom we will never meet in real life, and it is not a problem for us. Nevertheless, we prefer to know the people with whom we interact as we can understand them better and trust. If you do not hide your face, the visitors will have a better idea about you as a person and how they can trust you.

    As you can see, human faces shown on the landing page can help you to attract more visitors to your web site. When choosing images for your landing page do not forget that visual images influence people much stronger than the text. This is why the use of large images depicting human faces requires careful testing.


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