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    Web Designing Tips – A Website That Meets Users’ Expectations

    If you have not observed the change in the way visitors act on the web, you may still have an outdated web design. In the last few years, the strength of internet users has increased by manifold, and a plain and dull website is no more worthy of users’ attention today. If you are one of the people who have not updated their website in the last two years, you’re dropping a potential market share.

    Every now and then new tools and technologies are introduced in the arena of web development and web design services. With the more and more advancement in the technology, the websites are getting the new height of performance. The web designs are now more interactive and engaging, which gives a far better user experience.

    Before two decades, it was an era of text-based web design; in the later part of the 20th century table-based sites and Flash was dominant. In those days, most of the websites were built using flash, as flash was considered as the best attention-grabbing element. In the year of 2000, CSS and JavaScript get introduced in the web designing and development field and achieved huge popularity.

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    To add more efficiency to the website performance, in the later part of 2000 HTML5, CSS3 and web 2.0 were introduced on the market. Everything is moving faster in this world, and business technology is no more an exception. The latest trend on the web market is mobile web design. If you want to incorporate your website as a part of your marketing strategy, it is vital to stay tuned with the ever changing technology trends and demands of users.

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    Here I have shared some great web designing tips to consider in web designing process, or you can ask your web design company to ensure these points:

    Go Away From Flash

    We have already seen that flash was a king element of web designing in the later-half of the 90s. However, there are certain reasons that ultimately put the full stop on its booming period. Flash reduce the website loading speed, which increases the chances of user switch-over. Flash based website fails to get optimized for search engines, which in turns left them with poor website traffic.

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    Web Design Approachability

    Web design approachability has been a point of debate for many website owners. If your web design is visually oriented, you’re losing potential users with visual disorders and other disabilities. Thus, add more number of elements in the web design and make sure that they are accessible to everyone.

    Cross-Browser Web Design

    In the earlier days of the web, IE was the only web browser running on the PCs. However, today there are a number of browsers exist on the market. Thus, web designers must ensure cross-browser feature in the design, so the website can run hassle-free in all the browsers.

    Social Media Integration

    Social media integration is the latest business networking and marketing trend. Thus, if you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of expanding business with new customers, link your website with the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

    Considering the above tips will surely help you get a modern web design that helps you attract new customers and keeps them engaged in your business.


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