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    Web Hosting Plays an Important Role in SEO

    The algorithmic changes in the Google’s page ranking strategy intensify the concept that web hosting plays an important role in SEO. In an interview with Google programmer Matt Cutts, he told that Google will consider the site speed as a factor while rewarding ranks to the sites in online search. So, as a website owner you need to be careful about which hosting scheme you are choosing for your website. There are various other factors that depict the vital part web hosting plays in search engine optimization.

    Site speed and SEO

    Google loves the websites that will load at a good speed. In case your hosted web servers are not able to load your website pages during an online search, it will lead to lower ranking of your website. Although the slower loading time is caused due to various factors such as your website’s configuration and architecture; servers can also play the part especially when you are on a shared hosting platform.

    Uptime/downtime and SEO

    Although servers going down are an inevitable phenomenon, you must be careful to choose a website design Company which will provide a web hosting plan with the least downtime possible. The web crawlers constantly traverse through the hosted sites during the online search and if your server is found down at that time, the crawlers denote your website as inaccessible and don’t rank your website. If the servers go down more often, then the search engines may flag your website as unreliable and it’s detrimental to its ranking.

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    Location and SEO

    As because you are approaching a SEO firm to increase the number of visitors to your website, it is very essential to be specific as you want visitors from your own country or from any foreign country or both. If you want traffic from India and your web server is located in UK, then this might result in a decline in the ranks. When a visitor from UK search for the keywords, search engines may rank your website higher as both the IP address and the server belongs to the UK location. But, it may not be the case for an Indian visitor.

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    Type of web hosting and SEO

    There are different types of web hosting, the prime types being shared and dedicated hosting. In shared hosting, you share your domain space with various other website owners. But, in the dedicated hosting, you are provided with a single storage space for your website. The dedicated hosting is expensive and good for your online reputation. In the shared hosting, cross linking takes place among the different websites sharing the same space and this may affect the individual SEO performance negatively.

    Web security and SEO

    How secure your data is in the web space is the critical element to be considered when it comes to the SEO performance of your website. In case the web hosting provider doesn’t give you the required security, your web pages may become prone to the spammers. The search engines may then denote your web pages as dangerous while indexing the pages. In this way, your site may not get ranked in the search results.

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    By now, it is clear that likewise we choose a Web Design Company and a SEO Company for our website, in the same way we have to choose a reliable Web hosting Company to increase our traffic effectively.

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