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    Website Redesign: A Changed Outlook

    Summary: Many companies are opting for a website redesign process. This article highlights how the website redesign should be handled in order to ensure success. If you keep the following points in mind then it will become very easy to create a beautiful and effective website.

    Since the world is evolving, it is time that you take on a change, with respect to your website. No one really likes a website that has been in the same condition since the dinosaurs got extinct. People today (with their fickle minds) appreciate the change.

    I don’t know how it works, but in some strange way, it makes the customer feel valued. Like you care for him and that’s why you are taking the pains of changing the way your site looks, so that it becomes more comfortable for your user.

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    The key word here is COMFORT. You may be the most creative person in the universe, but your website redesign would fail horribly if you fail to keep comfort first. Following is a compilation of the most important things that you must bear in mind while undertaking a website redesign.

    Keep it Simple

    I know you must have heard this like a gazillion times, but it is still the most important factor. Simplicity. It can work charms on your website. The simpler you keep it, the more aggressively it will capture your audience.

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    Simplicity also means that your website will not distract the visitors. If they are there on your website for some particular information, then give them only that. Bombarding their senses with too many graphics and texts will only turn them off.

    You can embrace the minimalist approach and choose a minimal design for your website. This kind of a design proves to be extremely effective because it has a central theme. The chief idea of the site. The design of the website is such that it pulls all the attention to one main thing. There is much less clutter and therefore far few reasons for your visitor to go away from it.

    Color the Page Wisely

    First of all, decide the number of colors you want to use on your website. And trust me, keep it under 4. Too many colors are the best recipe for disaster. Save your website from it. If you use too many colors on your site, you will only end up hurting the eyes of the viewer. An uncomfortable website = less viewership.

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    Apart from this, also make sure that the colors are in sync with each other and with the theme of the website. There is an industry wise color preference. For instance, most IT websites will be in black, blue or white and green. The food industry uses a lot of red. The websites of nonprofit organizations and charitable trusts use more earth colors like brown, yellow and green. Industrial websites have a lot of grey.

    It is okay to be unconventional and opt for other colors, but reinventing the wheel may not always be effective.

    Function over Fashion

    I may be talking in circles but essentially this is what everything boils down to. The function. Every website has a purpose. The better defined your purpose is, the better the website performs. Ensure that the design of your website does not take away its functionality.

    It is okay to have a not so quirky and out of the world design, but an extraordinary functionality. After all, the visitors come to your site with an agenda (which is certainly not visual pleasure). It is your duty to ascertain that their agenda is catered to. If it is, there’s no worrying about the success of your site.

    User Interface

    The User Interface is the most important aspect of your site. How comfortable is your user? Does he like to come to your site? Are you being a good host? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then your site will do well. Your user should feel that your site is easy to understand and manage. He has to have a clear idea regarding the navigation. You have to ensure that he is not confused so as to what to do next. If he is, you are doing it wrong.


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