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    What Are The Major Reasons For Failures of Mobile App?

    It’s okay to fail if you learn something from it. Some failures are unavoidable, and few can be avoided if learned from other mistakes. The application market is one such market where chances of failure are high. To prove the failure point, we got the stats that say less than 00.01% of 10,000 mobile apps are said to be financially successful. So, you can imagine the number of applications that are facing failures every single day.

    Can you do anything about it? Yes, of course, to avoid failure of your application, you can learn from these common yet evitable mistakes. These tiny loopholes in mobile app development often lead to a road of failures. So, let’s understand these mistakes and work on them to place your application in that 0.01% success count.

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    Top Reasons For The Failure Of Mobile Application:

    1.   Lack of Research

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    One of the common reasons that lead to the failure of the mobile application is the lack of research. There are plenty of areas in app development where depth research is required, and a lack of research in these areas leads to the failure of the app. While developing an app, mobile app developers should think about the following questions:

    • Will this app be able to solve customer’s problems?
    • Who are my real competitors?
    • How relevant is my app for a problem?
    • Is there any similar app available in the market?

    Honest answers to these questions will give clarity on whether your app will become an example of success or failure.

    2.   Lack of Originality

    One of the sad realities of the application world is its lack of originality as there are hundreds of identical apps on the app store. Building a similar app won’t be of any use, as it only increases the baggage of plagiarism. An ideal app should be able to highlight features with loud bangs and should be able to set how it differs from others.

    3.   No Platform Surety

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    Are you sure about the platform for your app? If not, you should know that it is the next reason for the failure of the application. You cannot choose a specific platform just because it suits your predisposition. Mobile platform selection must be on the preference of your target audience. It becomes very vital to study your platform for the success of the application. Now, most of the companies prefer both iOS and Android platforms to cater to the needs of the target audience.   

    4.   Too Much Complexity

    If you have developed an app that has unique features with a beautiful design, but too complex to use then, the chances of failure get high. The overall app should not compromise on the navigational part, as users won’t go back to study your app, they will move to another easy option. A successful app lead should be user friendly and compatible with the users.

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    5.   Not Sparing Enough Marketing Time

    How will your audience know about your app if you don’t spread the word about it? One of the bitter truths about app marketing is that it is a long process that requires unbeatable strategy and patience. Marketing is one of the essential aspects of the success of the application.

    You must have to have an unbeatable strategy to attract your target audience. It should have a step by step planning on how you are going to inform your target audience about the app on various platforms.

    6.   Improper Testing

    Another reason that leads to failure in the application is improper testing. If you launch your application with bugs, then it is more prone to lags and delays. An app with bugs leaves a poor impression on users’ minds. No proper testing on different platforms before launching an app leads to some major issues and sometimes major failure of the application.

    If users find even a small bug on your platform, they will definitely migrate to another app for a better option. App testing should not be taken lightly, and each aspect of the application should be thoroughly checked and tested to ensure to give no reason for its failure.                     

    7.   Too Much Loading Time

    Users do not prefer to waste their precious time on the loading of the application. If your application is taking a hefty amount of time in loading, then it could become a reason for the unsuccess of your application. The more the users wait, the more impatience he becomes and thus develops a negative impression in their minds.  

    8.   Ignoring Customers’ Feedback

    Customers’ feedback is the most valuable asset to improve your application. If you as a developer, do not value customers’ feedback, then there are chances users will move to another application.

    Concluding words

    Having the list of all common yet devastating mistakes, it has now become easy to find out why an app fails. It is very important to have a USB for the application along with the plan to make cautious strategies to deploy the idea into a reality. We hope with these reasons you are all set to develop the most successful application. So, are you ready for it? 

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    Hitesh Khunt
    Hitesh Khunt
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