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    What to do before designing a new website

    If you have finally decided to take that leap and take the big step of actually creating your website, you have come to the right place. Even if you think that you have got it all sorted out and planned and you have all the knowledge and expertise required to create a successful website, we would urge you to reconsider. For there are a few basics you have to make sure you have to go through before being a 100% sure that you are ready to start with the designing and development and take the plunge.


    The following are the some things which are necessary for you to do if you are a beginner and have not created a website before.

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    • Text/web copy
      Trust us, this is the backbone of the site you are going to create. It is something you create you website around. This is the content that attracts the clients but the more important job it does is to keep that client on you website and to compel him to visit time an again. It can also do quite the opposite and scare them away to never return again. Strictly monitoring your content is the single most powerful trick to survive in the business. Use a language which is legible and easily understood by all, even the dumbest ones who come to visit. Highlight your strengths and what you strive to achieve. Make the customers believe that you take genuine interests in their problems and are capable to provide a proper solution. Don’t let you pages become a textbook with long boring text. Make it interesting and fun to read by adding color and pictures (the relevant ones).plan the structure of your website and stick to it. Typically, an average site contains a home page, an ‘about us’ section, contact information and may or may not have a separate page for listing down some of your past achievements. Also make sure that you don’t miss out on anything.
    • Logo
      It’s a must to have a logo for your brand, company or store etc. each and every business, no matter how small or big it is or what it does, benefits from a logo. You get recognized by you logo. A logo should ideally be an image that conveys what your core values are, what your organization believes in and what you business identity has been in the past and what has been its heritage and tradition. Deciding on a logo takes a lot of research and time as it has to be unique and effective. Being eye-catchy is always an added advantage. Always make sure that no organization is using a logo as yours as it might lead to copyright issues.
    • Images and pictures
      As they say that a picture says a thousand words, a lot of them are needed to make your website attractive and interactive. They are a great method to convey your message without having to use a lot many words. Photos are used to showcase your products, achievements or aspirations. An image can be understood by all irrespective o which language they speak. Always choose good quality images as a bad photo can put your prospective customer/client down to a great degree. Do not copy and paste images from other sources without giving the respective credits. After uploading your photos always check how they look on the actual front end.
    • Company name
      Last but not the least, always thinks of a great company name. While brainstorming for a name always keep in mind that people will recognize you by that name. Don’t make it too long or too difficult to read and write. Clear and concise titles look great online.
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    If you are through with the above points and really think that you are ready, and then go ahead. Good luck!

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