An exponential rise in the use of Smartphone’s has been observed in the past few years. And with this a number of questions concerned to the mobile security have risen. It is generally said that you can never be too safe with an android phone

    Six Steps for Vendors to Improve Data Security

    Vendors can’t take any risk with the company data, for they are responsible for taking care of their clients’ crucial information. If you are a vendor, these simple steps can help you ensure optimal data security.

    Privacy, Security & the Geography of Data Protection

    The US is still reeling from the exposition of their ill-founded surveillance practices. Security trends are such that many European nations are considering pulling out of American allegiances. Even the US has to rethink its own regulations on data security and privacy.

    25 Sleek + Sophisticated Interior Design Sites

    This stunning line-up of interior design sites feature all sorts of themes ranging from eco-friendly style, handcrafting and repurposing, chic mid-century interiors, whimsical spaces,...

    Woven Fabric Social Media Vectors

    Social media icons are integrated into every major website design today. This free set includes 50 icons of the most popular social media networks...

    Top Most Joomla Game Store Themes

    Recent days some joomla game store template provides a good quality design free-of-cost and premium themes. But here by I have collected some of the best joomla themes for your reference which lessens time to download and installs within minutes.

    Appz. A Free WordPress Theme for iPhone Apps

    Themeshaker was launched half a year ago. Back then, we were so excited about it that we couldn’t wait any longer without introducing it...

    Tips To Avoid Being a Bad PHP Programmer

    You may be a professional in the industry of web development but have you ever judged yourself to find out whether you are a...

    An insight into Website Accessibility and its evaluation tools

    A website may have a unique design and contain useful features but if it is not accessible by all users, the presence of these...

    16 Useful and Free e-books for Web Designers and Developers

    The world of website development has never been more open than today. With proper standards in place and hundreds of tutorials available online for...

    Designing a Freelancer’s Business Cards (for yourself)

    So you’re freelancing and you need some business cards? I find doing cards for a client to be a fun job. Often they just...


    10 Visually Pleasing & Astonishing Android Wallpapers

    Wallpapers are required for a much improved and interesting experience with your Android smart phones. There are just too many Wallpaper apps and options to download presently that it often gets over bearing and overwhelming for the users to make up their mind. If you have decided against the entire idea of getting wallpaper and have settled down for the one default option, WAKE UP!

    Main Reasons of Project Failure

    The success of any organization is closely connected with successful realization of projects! Can you name any significant initiatives or improvements carried out by the company which are not connected with, at least, one project? In my opinion, there are no organizations which don’t use project management software in their work.

    99 Creative 404 Error Pages

    There must be once that you got into a 404 error page of a website where usually it does not look nice for the eyes and provides less information. These kind of error pages quite useless and unpleasant for visitors to continue browsing the site. However if you make it right and creative, those pages can be very funny, interesting, informative and useful enough to hold visitors surfing for hours. Let see these 99 creative 404 error pages we have seen so far.

    HTML 5 and Flash: Are They Competing for The Space on Web?

    HTML 5 and Flash are fighting for the same place on the Web and graphic community. Have you started believing on this statement? Are...