An exponential rise in the use of Smartphone’s has been observed in the past few years. And with this a number of questions concerned to the mobile security have risen. It is generally said that you can never be too safe with an android phone

    Six Steps for Vendors to Improve Data Security

    Vendors can’t take any risk with the company data, for they are responsible for taking care of their clients’ crucial information. If you are a vendor, these simple steps can help you ensure optimal data security.

    Privacy, Security & the Geography of Data Protection

    The US is still reeling from the exposition of their ill-founded surveillance practices. Security trends are such that many European nations are considering pulling out of American allegiances. Even the US has to rethink its own regulations on data security and privacy.

    18 Most Valuable SEO WordPress Plugins

    WordPress is often revered as the darling of modern CMS’. And rightly so, the company has seen a tremendous year for 2010 and continues...

    If You’re Not Using Google Authorship, You Might Be Sacrificing Readership

    In recent months, some bloggers have felt that Google Authorship could change the way that writers are recognized on the Internet. If you're not...

    Roentgeniumify Free WordPress Theme

    Roentgeniumify WordPress theme has fancy ribbons, pastel color palette, custom crisp typography and grid magazine layout which is perfect for food, crafts and other...

    4 Reasons Why Your Next Web Project Should be Built with HTML 5

    Web projects these days need to be far intuitive, engaging and aggressive, then they were, say, a year or two ago. The last word ‘aggressive’ might seem a little out of place here, but it actually isn’t. Applications developed for the web, no longer have it easy now. They need to be better than their competitors, more user intensive and goal oriented than their competition, and as can be imagined, this is definitely not easy.

    TopBusiness Free WordPress Theme

    TopBusiness is an advanced WordPress and BuddyPress theme with responsive design. The theme is ideal for creating corporate website and commercial portfolio; building an unique...

    50 Beautiful HD Wallpapers

    Desktop wallpapers are always the first thing that inspire us when we switch on the computer. You look to it carefully and slowly find...

    Radontastic Free WordPress Theme

    Because a lot of our loyal readers have been asking for a new WordPress magazine theme; today we are pleased to announce the release...

    Building a Website for Foreign Markets

    Every business should know one thing: expanding to foreign countries is a must for any successful company. Luckily, the internet has made things much easier...


    Main Reasons of Project Failure

    The success of any organization is closely connected with successful realization of projects! Can you name any significant initiatives or improvements carried out by the company which are not connected with, at least, one project? In my opinion, there are no organizations which don’t use project management software in their work.

    99 Creative 404 Error Pages

    There must be once that you got into a 404 error page of a website where usually it does not look nice for the eyes and provides less information. These kind of error pages quite useless and unpleasant for visitors to continue browsing the site. However if you make it right and creative, those pages can be very funny, interesting, informative and useful enough to hold visitors surfing for hours. Let see these 99 creative 404 error pages we have seen so far.

    HTML 5 and Flash: Are They Competing for The Space on Web?

    HTML 5 and Flash are fighting for the same place on the Web and graphic community. Have you started believing on this statement? Are...

    5 Awesome WordPress Profanity Filter Plugins

    Anyone who owns a WordPress site is likely to have issues with profanity at one time or another. Having profane words on your site is likely to put off some readers who might leave and never return. A reduced level of traffic means loss of potential sales for businesses and companies. Here are some great WordPress plugins which can help you deal with the problem of profanity.